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Judson Connection

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Judson Connection

Judson Connection

Judson Connection

Judson Connection

Judson Connection

Judson Connection

Judson Connection

Judson Connection

Judson Connection

Judson Connection
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This homepage is for Judsons anytime, anywhere. I hope you will be able to make a connection here, but if not, note that with ongoing contributions, this page will continue to grow and change. If you would like to add any information or queries to the Judson homepage, please e-mail your request and/or information to Linda Dolby(please include your name, mailing address, and e-mail address).

If you would like to add information on your Judson line to the Judson database, you may do so here.
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The Judsons of Connecticut
Arriving from England 1639

William JUDSON was christened on 30 Jul 1592 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He signed a will on 20 Nov 1661, died on 23 Jul 1662 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT and was buried on 29 Jul 1662 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT. William came to America in 1634 with his 3 sons, from Kirby Moorside near Helmsly, North Riding of Yorkshire, England. The Judson family was one of the most prominent families in Connecticut and enjoyed the distinction of representing the town at the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut. William married to Grace Ann PORTER (1st wife) in Resided, Stratford, England (books say 1634; but that would have been after children were born). Grace Ann was born about 1597 in England. Children of William and Grace Ann:

- Grace JUDSON was born about 1617 in Yorkshire, England.
- Joseph JUDSON, Lt
- Jeremiah JUDSON, Sgt
- Joshua JUDSON

William also married Elizabeth WILMOT (2nd wife) on 8 Feb 1660 in England. Elizabeth WILMOT1 was born about 1597 in England and died in 1685. When she married William, she was twice widowed. Her first husband was a Heaton and her second husband was Benjamin Wilmot. There were no known children of William and Elizabeth.

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The Judsons of Maryland
Arriving from England 1744

Thomas JUDSON, a rope maker from Bristol, England, set sail from the port of London in 1774 for Maryland.

We are trying to find his descendants. If you have info on this line, please contact Linda Dolby.

Judsons Who Emigrated

To The U.S.

  1. William - from England in 1639; see Judsons of CT
  2. Thomas - from England in 1744; see Judsons of MD
  3. Abraham - 73 E 4th St, Vol 37769, Sept 26, 1919 (from NY Naturalization Petition Index 1907-24)
  4. Herman - 598 E 170th St, Bronx, Vol 432197, June 11, 1920 (from NY Naturalization Petition Index 1907-24)
  5. Jacob Koopel - 73 E 4th St, Vol 319229, Jan 30, 1919 (from NY Naturalization Petition Index 1907-24)
  6. Herbert Sidney - from England to CA m. Getrude Evelyn Scarlett - further info on line contact

Ryan Sidney Judson

The following all arrived in the Port of Boston (lr means last resided):

  • Miss age 3, 10/1/1851 SS Canada b.US lr.E.Indies list 9
  • Mrs. age 30, 10/1/1851 SS Canada b.US lr.Eng list 6
  • Miss age 3, 10/27/1854 SS Niagara b.Scotland lr.US list 4
  • Mrs. age 29, 10/27/1854 SS Niagara b.Scotland lr.US list 3
  • Mr. age 28 gent, 9/9/1859 SS Europa b. N.Scotland lr.same list 141
  • Mrs. age 36, 9/16/1876 SS New York b.New Brunswick lr.same list 19
  • Mr. age 50 gent, 5/23/1887 SS New Brunswick b.US lr.same list 21
  • Mr. age 46 painter, 5/11/1890 SS Yarmouth b.Nova Scotia lr.same list 42
  • A. age 57 farmer, 12/1/1881 SS Hunter b.Nova Scotia lr.US list 32
  • Abbie age 23 service, 10/6/1890 SS Carroll b.PEI lr.same list 25
  • Alice J. age 25 lady, 8/31/1885 SS Ulunda b.PEI lr.US list 9
  • Alice J. age 22 servant, 5/30/1887 SS Worcester b.PEI lr.same list 9
  • Bertha age 21 laborer, 5/4/1890 SS Yarmouth b.Nova Scotia lr.same list 159
  • Mr. C. age 28 farmer, 4/5/1888 SS Yarmouth b.Nova Scotia lr.same list 100
  • Mr. C. age 22 clerk, 6/10/1888 SS Yarmouth b.Nova Scotia lr.same list 16
  • Mr. C.E. age 41 tourist, 9/14/1887 SS New York b.US lr.same list 305
  • Charles, 5/13/1864 SS New Brunswick b.US with Mrs, Emma 22, Samuel 21, John 18, Elizabeth 19, Mercelle 15, Ruth 11, Charles 10, Lists 17 thru 25
  • Charles age 28 weaver, 3/30/1890 SS Cephalonia b.Eng lr.same list 4
  • Clark age 27 lady, 9/11/1890 SS Yarmouth b.Nova Scotia lr.same list 208
  • Mr. E. age 36 clerk, 8/23/1888 SS Yarmouth b.A lr.same list 34
  • Edward age 30 teacher, 4/17/1875 SS Parthia b.E.Indies lr.US & Mrs. age 22 lists 508, 500
  • Ella age 21 lady, 5/11/1890 SS Yarmouth b.Nova Scotia lr.same list 69

      To Canada

      1. F.L. - age 24, 1884 arr aboard 'Peruvian' Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nat. Archives Reel C-4512 pg 3
      2. Joseph - imm. 1813, living in Montreal, Nat. Archives Reel H-1758 pg 37
      3. Mary J. - age 24, 1887 arr aboard 'Nova Scotian' Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nat. Archives Reel C-4513 pg 1
      4. Rebecca - age 53, imm. 1851, on 1901 census for Enniskillen, Lambton Co., Ontario she was listed as wife b.2-12-1848 OH m. to John b.Ontario, ch: Lulu b.5-24-1877 Ontario, John b.5-16-1884 Ontario

      Searching for that Elusive Judson - Post/Scan Queries

      We've all been in the situation where our research is going along just great and then we hit that brick wall. If you have a name that you've been trying to find and seem to have come to a dead end, put it on the Judson Query Board.

      Another resource that might contain your Judson is Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven, Connecticut, where March,1996 I recorded from the card files of the office, every Judson reposing there. Be sure to scan the entire list, as the names only look alphabetical.

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      A Few Helpful Genealogical Resources

      Figuring out Family Relationships- are they cousins or cousins once removed?

      The Atticis where you will find lots of genealogy links and information.

      GenWeb Project:

      Not sure which County or Statethe Town you are looking for is located in?

      Finding Aid to Naturalization Recordsat the Connecticut State Library.

      Finding Aid to Probate Recordsat the Connecticut State Library.

      There are numerous Newsgroups (Lists) that are available for those with e-mail. Newsgroups are primarily developed so that members can exchange, discuss, or post a query relating to that particular newsgroup, be it surname or area related. Listed below are just a few of those available.

      • Roots-L ... best known list; to subscribe send e-mail to roots-l-request@rootsweb.com (that's a small L, not a one) - in body say subscribe, nothing else.
      • State, Area, or Surname Newsgroups ... Newsgroup List
      • GENCMP-L ... genealogy computer group; to subscribe send e-mail to listserv@mail.eWorld.com - in body say subscribe GENCMP-L firstname lastname, nothing else.
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      The Judson Connection
      is created, edited & maintained by
      Linda-Jeanne Dolby � 1996
      Descendant of the Connecticut Judsons
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