Famous Judsons and/or
Judsons Who Have Made Important Contributions to Society

  1. Linda-Jeanne Dolby wrote on book on the Descendants of William Judson of Connecticut and is listed in Who's Who of American Women (2000-2001 Millennium Edition).
  2. Adoniram Judson was a well-known missionary in Burma and completed a translation of the Bible into Burmese in 1834. By 1849 he had also completed and English-Burmese dictionary. Throughout their lives, Adoniram and his family were written up in many articles and numerous books can be found in your local library on them.
  3. Arthur "Jud" Judson was an avalanche forecaster and scientist for the U.S. Forest Service Alpine Snow and Avalanche Research Project. While there, he founded the first snow avalanche warning center in the U.S. and published 20 scientific papers on snow and avalanches. If you want to see a sample of some of those titles go to the search engine: www.google.com and type in: a. judson avalanche, then try a. judson avalanches and: Snow Booklet.
  4. In the early days of radio in the 1920's there was an Arthur Judson who formed a company to own radio stations. This was the company that later became CBS. William Paley was renowned as the first president of CBS, but it was a Judson who made it happen.
  5. David Judson was a Brigadier General during the American Revolution.
  6. David Newton Judson went South, married, and then gave his all to the Southern cause as a Confederate soldier. During Shermans famous March to the Sea, in 1864, his home in Atlanta was one of those burned by the Federal Army.
  7. James Judson was a Capt. in General Washington's army.
  8. Another Capt. James Judson was a Representative to the General Assembly of Connecticut from 1698 to 1719.
  9. Phoebe Newton Goodell Judson wrote "A Pioneer's Search for an Ideal Home", a book of Personal Memoirs. Her adventures from Ohio to Washington Territory by "prairie schooner" and her life in the northwest, were written while she was in her 80's, originally for her relatives, but published in Dec 1925. She also was responsible for naming the town that grew up around them, Lynden. This makes for great reading and gives you a feel for that period of history - I highly recommend getting it by interlibrary loan, if your library does not have a copy.
  10. In 1893 Whitcomb L. Judson invented the zipper. His first device consisted of two thin metal chains that could be locked together with a metal slider and was used on boots and shoes. In 1910 he developed the C-Curity Fastener for trousers and skirts. B.F.Goodrich bought Judson's company in 1923.
  11. Dr. William Newton Judson was a Confederate soldier, Company A, 9th Battalion Artillery; captured at Cumberland Gap, Virginia and was in a Union prison camp for 18 months at Camp Douglas.
  12. There was a famous Judson in New Zealand; Captain Reginald Stanley Judson, D.C.M., M.M., V.C. (Victoria Cross for extreme bravery in 1918).

Millions of Americans have been profiled in collective biography volumes such as Who's Who in America and Women of Science. The Biographical and Genealogical Master Index was begun in the 1970s to index these names to aid researchers. The index, compiled by Mirana C. Herbert and Barbara McNeil, concentrates heavily on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition to providing the individual's name, birth, and death dates (where available). Sources for this index vary from Who's Who of American Women and National Cyclopedia to American Biography to Directory of American Scholars and American Black Writers. In an attempt to protect the privacy of some individuals, persons born after 1920 are not included.

Source Information: Gale Research Company. Biographical and Genealogical Master Index. Detroit: Gale Research Co., 2000.

Abby Ann ... 1835-1902; author
Adoniram ... 1788-1850; missionary, author
Adoniram Brown ... 1837-1916; doctor, author
Alexander Corbin ... 1883-1973; Indiana author
Andrew Thompson ... 1784-1853; judge
Ann ... 1789-1826; author
Ann Haseltine ... 1789-1826; author, missionary
Arthur (Leon) ... 1881-1975 ; musician
C. Chapel ... 1864-1946; artist
Charles Hallette ... 1820-1907; pastor
Charles Morrill ... 1919- ; scientist
Charles Wingfield ... 1909-1972
Clara Ingram ... 1879-1960; author
Clay ... 1892-1960
Cyrus Field ... 1898?-1956
Edward Zane Carroll ... 1823-1886; author (pen name Ed Buntline)
Edward ... 1844-1914; author, religious leader
Edward B. ... 1814-
Egbert Putnam ... 1812-1893
Emily Chubbock ... 1817-1854; author, missionary
Everett Gifford ... 1917- ;insurance, finance
Fletcher Wesley ... 1868-
Franklyn Sylvanus ... 1915- ;executive
Frederick Joseph ... 1804-1862
Frederick Newton ... 1845-1919; author
Harold William ... 1900-
Harry Pratt ... 1849-1927; author
Hooker W. (female) ... 1910-
Horace T. ... 1904-1993; author
Jeanette Alexander ... 1912-; artist
Jeanne ... 1888?-1981
Jennie S. ... 1859-
John Charles ... 1889-1942
Lewis VanHagen ... 1893-1973; author
Lyman Spicer Vincent ... 1903- ; scholar
Margaret ... 1880-
Margaret Atwood ... 1899- ; author, scholar
Mary M. ... 1854-1950
Minnie Lee ... 1865?-1938; artist
Oliver Albert ... 1830-1898; physician
Phoebe Newton ... 1832-1926; author
Roscius Winslow ... ?-1894
S. Adele ... 1916-
Sarah (Hall) Boardman ... 1803-1845; author, missionary
Sheldon ... 1918- ; scientist
Sidney Arthur ... 1887-1971
Stiles ... 1862-1914
Sylvia Shaw ... 1897-1978; artist
Thomas Fearey ... 1912- ; executive
Walter Emery ... 1916- ; scientist
Wilber ... 1880-1951
Wilfred ... 1902-; lawyer
William Douglas ... 1857- ; author
William Francis ... 1868?-1949
William Lee ... 1842-1928; artist William Pierson ... 1849-1925; author
William R. ... ?-1880
William Voorhees ... 1865-1923
William Wallace ... 1891-1961

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