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Judson House & Museum
Stratford Historical Society
967 Academy Hill
Stratford, CT 06497
(I-95 Ex. 32; Rte. 15 Ex. 53S)

Judson House, built by Capt. David Judson on the site of his g.grandfather's 1639 stone house, is now a National Historic Landmark which is a restored and furnished colonial home (c.1750), including a collection of farm and craft tools in the cellar (once slave quarters). Museum has local history exhibits (1639-1800); changing exhibits.

Mid-May to Oct. 31, Sat. & Sun. 11-4, and by appt. Adults $2, children & senior $1.50.

Judson House
31 High Street
Waterford, Pennsylvania 16441
(814) 796-6654

This Greek Revival house was built in 1820 by Amos Judson who owned the Eagle Hotel from 1842 to 1853. It now functions as a home museum displaying collections of antique furnishings and paintings. Administered for the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission by the Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society. It is open the third weekend in July and the third weekend in November. Visiting Hours: Research Library - Second Sat. of the month, 1 to 4 pm. Tours by appointment.

The University of Akron, Ohio maintains Judson House as an off-campus graduate residence hall.

Sabin-Judson House
311 Seymour Street
Lansing, Michigan

The Sabin-Judson House built 1879 by Lansing merchant W.D. Sabin was thought to have been designed by architect L.D. Grosvenor. The house is a unique mix of a Second Empire mansard roof, Gothic peaks and tower, and Italianate stone window crowns and porch supports.

The original house, which ends just to the right of the main entrance, was sold to James B. Judson, an attorney, and later sold to St. Mary's parish. The house underwent two major additions and served as the convent for the parish's teaching nuns for 70 years. It was restored and reconfigured in 1981 and now serves as residential condominiums.

COPYRIGHT & OWNERSHIP: Statesman Journal photo
PHOTO SOURCE: Salem Public Library
DESCRIPTION: This photo, taken in April, 1964, shows Judson's Plumbing, Heating and Wiring Company which is located at 279 Commercial Street NE, Salem, Oregon. The owners were Leonard B. Judson, Burch R. Judson and Wayne K. Kuhl. Enlarge Photo

PHOTOGRAPHER: DeGiulio, Robert
COPYRIGHT & OWNERSHIP: Statesman Journal photo
PHOTO SOURCE: Salem Public Library
DESCRIPTION: The new home of Judson's Plumbing, Heating and Electric Company located at 1390 13th Street SE, Salem, Oregon. This photo was taken April 12, 1977.
Enlarge Photo

Judson House Register, 1 volume, 1860-1862 ... This is the register of guests at the Judson House, the leading hotel in Jacksonville, Florida, which was destroyed during the Civil War. Can be found at the University of South Florida Tampa Campus Library in their Special Collections.

Judson College, founded in 1838, has been and continues to be a remarkable place for women and is located in Marion, Alabama.

The Judson Female Institute was established in 1838 by members of Siloam Baptist Church. For more than 150 years, "The Judson" has honored a commitment to Christian service through its educational mission, its social beneficence, and its dedication to the idea that a woman should have the opportunity to develop her intellect and talent. The Judson Female Institute, named after Ann Hasseltine Judson, America's first female foreign missionary, opened January 7, 1839.

The Judson Middle School WebSite is part of the Salem-Keizer Public Schools and was named after Lewis Hubbell Judson.

Judson College was born of the need to provide the Midwest with a private, Baptist-related, Christian liberal arts college; thus Judson's founding in 1963 in Elgin, Illinois. It was named after Adoniram Judson, the first American missionsary to foreign shores.

William Lees Judson was born in Manchester, England, and came to Brooklyn, New York in 1852. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1893 and settled on the banks of the Arroyo Seco, a growing artist's colony. By 1900, he had become the dean of the University of Southern California College of Fine Arts and Architecture and built its original home which now houses the Judson Studios or here. The building itself was recently listed on the National Register of >Historic Places.

Judson High School, San Antonio, Texas is named after Moses Judson, who served on the Bexar County School Board from February 23, 1918 till August 18, 1939. His nephew Jack Judson was on the board when the decision was made to name the new rural high school Judson. Alumni Registry.
A Judson High School is located in Converse, Texas.

Since 1928, the Judson Tower has stood as a historic landmark in the beautiful Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area. Founded as a small school for boys to provide a sound education in a healthful climate, Judson School has grown and developed into one of the most respected and popular schools in the Southwest.

Judsonia, AR (city) Population (1990): 1915 Location: 35.27590 N, 91.64017 W Zip Code(s): 72081 Judson, IN (town) Population (1990): 61 Location: 39.81346 N, 87.13517 W Zip Code(s): 47872 Judson Township, MN (county subdivision) Population (1990): 651 Location: 44.15202 N, 94.19098 W Zip Code(s): 56003 56055 56073 Judson, South Carolina (cdp) Population (1990): 2859 Location: 34.83295 N, 82.42777 W Zip Code(s): 29601 29611 North Judson, IN (town) Population (1990): 1582 Location: 41.21703 N, 86.77591 W Zip Code(s): 46366 Judson Township, ND (county subdivision) Population (1990): 164 Location: 48.15310 N, 103.79442 W Zip Code(s): 58801

Judson, Texas
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