Unconnected U.S. Judson Lines Continued

(Including Canada marked as such)

In going through my unconnected U.S. Judson lines, have found a number of Judsons who neither I or their descendant has further info on. Perhaps one of you will recognize the missing piece of info we need to connect them to the Judson database.

If you recognize any of the lines, please let me know the file # and I will get in touch with their descendants. All are Judson unless otherwise stated. Thank you.

First Name Index to Files

Missing file numbers indicates that line has been connected

# JUDSON Details & Other Family Members
90 Michigan Deaths
  • Agnes Jane age 6 d.11/28/1871 d/o Henry & Catherine
  • Alexander age 1 d.11/20/1873 s/o Joseph & Hannah
  • Alfred age 2 mos b.Canada d.10/20/1869 s/o Alfred & Mary
  • Edward Lyman age 2 d.8/24/1870 s/o Lyman P. & Bethiah
  • Ella age 63 b.OH d.10/22/1872 (listed as male farmer)
  • Ethelbert d.6/20/1868 s/o Cyrus & Maria
  • Frank Silas age 1 d.Aug 1872 s/o Lyman P. & Bethiah
  • George age 66 b.England d.9/2/1871 s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth
  • James F. age 42 b.Canada d.10/12/1874 s/o Harls & Bettie
  • Laura C. age 63 b.NY m.Judson d.9/27/1873 d/o Nathaniel & Apumer Dickinson
  • Maria d.6/20/1868 (widow)
  • Sedenia age 8 d.4/6/1869 d/o H.G. & Mary
  • Theodore C. age 16 d.11/4/1871 s/o John & Mary
91 George Nelson b.1802 s/o Gideon Judson & Betsey Walker
92 Charlotte d/o George Nelson Judson. m. James Andrews
93 Center Cemetery East Hartford, CT
  • Hannah 1836-1883
  • Willard Hosmer 1851-1901 s/o Ralph & Lucinda T.
  • Elizabeth J. 1829-1883
  • Julia A. 1845-1861 d/o Jesse & Caroline
  • Jonathon 1744-1771
  • Walter Henry 1838-1914 h/o Emma
  • Caroline (Alford) 1804-1882 w/o Jesse Judson
  • Jesse 1798-1878 h/o Caroline
  • Jesse 1735-1743 s/o Jeremiah & Abigail
  • Walter 1815-1837
  • Emma H.M. 1856-1927 w/o Walter Henry Judson
  • Louis T. 1876-1904 h/o Laura (Griswold)
  • Mary Ella 1880-1945 d/o George Francis & Ella (Anderson)
  • Edna Martha 1874-1928 d/o George Francis & Ella (Anderson)
  • Mabel 1877-1878 d/o George Francis & Ella (Anderson)
  • Ella (Anderson) 1848-1940 w/o George Francis Judson
  • George Francis 1847-1926 h/o Ella
  • Laura (Griswold) 1879-1968 w/o Louis T. Judson
  • Eli 1795-1849
94 1850 Arkansas Census Jefferson Township, Jackson Co.
  • Lewis age 64 b.CT abt 1776, merchant
  • Thomas age 35 b.ALA abt 1815, tailor
  • Camilla age 30 b.ALA abt 1820
  • Maria age 40 b.CT abt 1810
95 Social Security Those born before 1900 who applied
96 Abigail m. David WEED; liv Unity, NH; ch: Samuel WEED
97 Annie m. John E. HANNIGAN; ch: Judson HANNIGAN b.abt 1892
98 Fred Manning Moved from Chicago to Idaho at turn of century; d.abt 1917 CO; father was John JUDSON
99 Helen b.1840 Poland, NY; m. Joseph COLLINS mid 1800s in MI
100 Ezekiel Line Ezekiel, Capt. Abel, Cornelius, Charles Overfield, Wilkie Collins, Lyman Gage, Richard Waples, Korey Waples - do you recognize this line?
101 Alfred Alfred Spencer b.1911 m. Margaret Yeoman; Alfred Francis b.1931 m. Gloria Nadeau; Alfred Francis Jr. b.1953 m. Jeanette Nadene Long
102 Judson's Governors have ad for Judson's Governors, something to do with steam engines
103 Frances m. Desiree Otis (widow of Emphraim Mallory)
104 Frank Woodhull b.1874 MN; son of Roswell Carl b.1836 NY & Mahala Wood-Hull; son of Roswell of NY.
105 Mishawake, IN Have an ad for A.B. Judson & Son; and have an ad for Judson, Montgomery & Co. Does anyone know which Judsons these were?
106 Emily Sarah m. Rev. George Lyman LOCKE; ch: Mary Emily b.1876
107 Jeanette 1846-1906
108 Capt. R.F. During civil war he served from MI
109 Rev. L.P. He was of Stillwater, NY
110 Missouri A. "Mittie" b.1869-1926 m. Emmet L. Wright 1885 TX; then m. Lum Turner
111 Misc Queries
  • William C. JUDSON m. Mary E. CONKLIN; resided Orange Co., NY 1830s-1930s; ch: Charles H., Melissa, William J. 1874-1965 m. Anna Mae Schick, Edward L., Josephine, Elizabeth (see query 131)
  • Franklin S. JUDSON b.1915 m. Nancy Elizabeth NEVIN b.1917
  • Susan/Susannah JUDSON m. Joseph HARPER
  • Blanche JUDSON m. Frank ROSA
  • Alcy JUDSON son of Jesse JUDSON
  • Polly Ann JUDSON m. David Bartlett CHOATE
112 Misc Marriages
  • David to Pearl POSEY
  • Henry b.1790 to Hester BURRITT b.1793
  • Joab to Delight FOOTE b.1767
  • John to Eula ENGLAND
  • John to Talith SHIELDS
  • Joshua to Anne TUTTLE b.1633
  • Leroy T. to Sara Jane TETER b.1848
  • Lewis C. to Marie DENSMORE b.1843
  • Lloyd N. to Marzee STUART
  • Lorenzo to Susan WALDO b.1851
  • Dr. J. to Olive CHASE b.1816
  • Miles b.1821 to Jane BRITTON b.1820
  • Philand to Mary SARAH b.1874
  • Tom b.1867 to Abbie LOCKE
113 Misc Burials Burials at North Cemetery, Woodbury, CT Frank B. Judson 11-15-1864 + 7-3-1938 Sarah L. Bradley, his wife 7-22-1867 + 11-30-1939 Doris Judson, wife of ...Nagle 2-14-1905 + 4-17-1993 Sarah Judson Jones 11-4-1907 + 11-15-94 Roderick G. Judson 12-23-1898 + 9-16-1990 Christine K. Judson 3-4-1892 + 8-14-1980 Albert N. Judson 1874 + 1916 Cornelia Benton, his wife 1884 + 1918 William A. Judson 5-10-1844 + 9-12-1891 Edward A. Judson 5-24-1841 + 12-11-1843 Herbert H. Judson USN 6-10-1839 + 1862 Noah Judson 1802 + 1879

114 Samuel Samuel Judson b.4 Oct. 1794 m. Lucy HAYWARD
115 Nathan b.abt 1805 VT m. Lucinda BROCKMAN 12 Aug. 1822 Sangamon Co., ILL. Nathan was a JP in Jasper Co. TX in 1840s. Ch:
  1. Polly Ann b.May 1823 IL m. David Bartlett Choate
  2. John Nathan b.c 1826 IL m. Talitha Shields
  3. Matthew b.c 1828 IL m. Permelia ?
  4. James Barkley b.c 1833 IL
  5. Jesse b.c 1839 TX. Wife unknown. ch: Nathan b.c 1864 TX, Alesi b.c 1866 TX, Clarenda Mathilda b.2 Oct 1868 TX, Clementine b.1872 TX, and Lucinda b.c1869 TX.
116 Charles O. m. Annie E. Johnston 1860 in Vernon, KS.
117 Edmund Lewis, Albert Conde, Ichabod, Nathaniel Edmund Lewis & Albert Conde of Albany; sons of Ichabod 1785-1865 of Albany m. Parthenia Conde; son of Nathaniel 1753 Huntingdon Co.-1838 Albany m.1782 Lydia Lewis.
118 Madison E. his son Arthur; his son Madison Leslie m. Marcella Wauer; his sons Leland Arthur, Robert Edward m. Barbara Burton and had son Brian; Madison Ernest m. Shirley LaBorde and had dau Gwendolyn Jeanne m. Kirk Wall.
119 Anna Frances, John John m. Dorothy Gillis. Ch: Anna Frances b.abt 1887 Boston m. Alexander Lackie Christie; John II; Katherine.
120 Harshibal Private in Louisiana Militia, War of 1812
121 John appeared in 1890 Philadelphia directory as a weaver
122 Sapa Anne Haseltine was from AL and m. Harton Ferris Kendrick
123 Lester, Nathan, Abner, Maud, Lillian Lester "Otisco" b.1840 New Woodstock m. Ann Vinal and had ch Maud B., Lillian N., Dumont; Lester was the son of Nathan d.1857 & Elmina Gibson of Cazenovia; Nathan was the son of Abner of CT.
124 John, Eliza, Amanda, Mary John m. Eliza Wythe. Ch: Eliza, Amanda, Mary
125 NY Vitals 1813-1853
  1. infant of Philo of Oxford d.7/6/1823
  2. Ann 74 d.2/28/1848 in Utica
  3. Beda infant dau of Sherman of Oxford d.8/10/1824
  4. Clarissa 2 dau of William R & Elizabeth d.9/27/1848 in Elmira
  5. Hepshah b.1760 Huntington CT d.2/14/1843 at son David's home in Oxford
  6. John m. 9/20/1848 Maria Bosworth, both of Utica
  7. Philo m. 9/29/1814 Charity Bradley in Oxford
  8. Thomas m. 1/15/1832 Almira Turner in East Ridge or Sodus
  9. William R. m. 8/29/1833 Elizabeth Orwin in Elmira
  10. David 28 d. in Southport
  11. Norman m. Parthena Beebe in Canandaigua
  12. Polly 53 wife of Zephaniah d. in Hartland, Niag. Co.
  13. Sarah 70 d. in Jerusalem, NY
  14. Thomas, Esq. 32 d.5/7/1834 in Sodus
  15. Anna Maria d.5/1/1853
  16. Daniel Coger d.6/23/1853
  17. Edward S. d.8/21/1843
  18. Edward Z.C.F. d.4/9/1850
  19. George H. d.10/22/1852
  20. Henry d.4/6/1852
  21. Mary Ellicott d.12/16/1851
  22. Philo M. d.5/29/1850
  23. Celia M. m.11/24/1854 Samuel T. DuBois
  24. Benjamin F. m.5/24/1850 Theresa Farrel
  25. E.Z.C. m.1/28/1848 Anne Bennett
  26. Stiles W. m.5/30/1839 Elizabeth D. Hopkins
126 Lewis James
  • Lewis James b.1851 NY d.1924 OH m. Helen Julia Hogue
  • Their son was William Levis b.1888 Dayton OH d.1970 TX
  • Their dau was Lois Jacqueline 1920-1990
127 Nancy b.IND d.1863 m.James Robinson
128 Eunice Curtis 1744 d.1776 VA m.1765 Stratford CT to Peter Mallett
129 Cemeteries
  • Olar, SC
    Joanna b.1/10/1870 d.6/??? m. Thomas Huggins
  • Camden, GA
    Joseph/Fred d.8/26/1803 m.4/27/1841 Harriet
    Mary Eliza d.11/14/1837 29Y (Turner ?)
  • Auburn, NY
    Francis d.3/1/1887
    Infant d.3/1/1887
  • Weedsport, NY
    Hiram d.4/9/1869 age 77
    Sarah H. d.6/12/1863 age 67 w. of Hiram
    Azariah 1822-1904
    Margaret P. 1829-1905
    Henry 1857-1860
    Phebe A. 1819-1913 d/o Hiram & Sarah
    John M. d.6/17/1858 age 20 s/o Hiram & Sarah
    Julia Ann d.4/22/1817 infant d/o Hiram & Sarah
    Horace Fisk 1891-1944
  • Conquest, NY
    Joshua D. b.11/27/1796 d.8/19/1867
    Deborah Haywood b.9/2/1799 d.2/14/1858 w/o Joshua
    Haywood b.6/11/1827 d.6/21/1883 s/o Joshua & Deborah
    Norman b.1/18/1833 d.12/10/1899 s/o Joshua & Deborah
    Elizabeth b.1/1/1835 d.11/16/1914 w/o Norman
    Herbert 1858-1931
    Martha 1864-1933 w/o Herbert
    Sarah b.3/1/1767 CT d.9/13/1863-65 m.2/12/1767 to John Wilcox
  • Union Springs, NY
    Donald m. Nella Beardsley
  • Onondaga, NY
    Arthur 1/1/1956
    Cordelia 5/10/1933 age 90
    Jennie 1/1/1952
    Lucius P. 8/14/1910 age 75
  • Manlius, NY
    William d.3/5/1841 age 58
  • Forestville, NY
    Ephraim d.5/19/1847 age 73
    Louisa d.3/17/1855 age 79
130 Cemeteries
  • Harpersfield, NY
    John d.6/20/1842 28Y
  • Franklin, NY
    Andrew 4 d.8/17/1852 s/o Andrew and Nancy
    Arthur B. 10mo d.7/10/1858 s/o Andrew and Nancy
    Hannah G. 2 d.8/11/1853 d/o Andrew and Nancy
    Helen 19 d.5/15/1858 d/o Andrew and Nancy
    John O. 9 d.8/10/1953 s/o Andrew and Nancy
    Sarah 8 d.8/26/1853 d/o Andrew and Nancy
    Wedsel 17 d.1/28/1859 s/o Andrew and Nancy
  • Roxbury, NY
    Harley d.4/6/1866 64 Y
  • Angola, NY
    John B. 1900-1959
    Levis L. d.1975
  • North Collins, NY
    Thomas d.1885
    Benjamin 1854-1889
131 Misc.
  1. Emily Sarah of Bristol m. Rev. George Lyman Locke; Emily's mother was Mary B.
  2. William C. m. Mary E. Conkling NY; children: Charles H., Melissa, William C., Edward L., Josephine, Elizabeth (see query 111).
  3. Franklin S. b.1915 m. Nancy Elizabeth Nevin
  4. Blanche Judson m. Frank Rosa; lived Clinton IN
  5. Polly Ann m. David Bartlett Choate; lived in TX
132 Lucy Lucy b.8/5/1796 ME d.12/12/1856 m. Hull Hiram Doolittle 1813.
133 Ohio Death Index
  • Burton H. d.1960 age 87
  • Floyd H. d.1960 age 63
  • Cashis T. d.1961 age 75
  • Merle J. d.1961 age 70
  • Jesse C. d.1962 age 83
  • Roy F. d.1962 age 67
  • Fred d.1962 age 76
  • Harry R. d.1963 age 71
  • Thomas d.1964 age 74
  • Walter L. d.1964 age 53
  • Myron E. d.1964 age 60
  • Deaton J. d.1964 age 33
  • Irvin J. d.1965 age 57
  • George A. d.1966 age 82
134 James & Samuel James - a blacksmith his ch were:
William George b.Prattsville and had ch Clifford
Dewitt - a butcher from Prattsville
Samuel lived in Stamford and was James' brother
135 Elisha Elisha of Woodbury m. Thankful - ch:
Ruth m. Samuel Orton
Sibil m. Robert Crane
grandsons mentioned: Reuben Judson and John Lindslee
136 Oliver Oliver b.1820 CT m. Susan Raymond; ch:
  1. Mary b.1844
  2. F. Henry b.1847 m. Mary
  3. Lewis 1851-1924 m. Helen Hogue
    their son was William Lewis 1888 OH-1965 TX m. Lois Elderkin Warren
    their son was William Warren 1916-1976 m. Beatrice Codie
  4. Lucy b.1851 m. David Martin
  5. George
  6. Elizabeth m. William Cox
137 Andrew W. Andrew W. b.1807/09 CT m. Laura Jean Fowels Montgomery, NY. Their ch:
  1. Grandason b.8/10/1832 Montgomery, NY; his ch: William Harvey b.6/18/1856 Montgomery NY, Mary b.1856, Catharine b.1861, John E. b.1866, Andrew b.1868 (1900 census said he had 7 ch)

    Children of William Harvey: Ada b.1887, William (constable for Summerville, MA), Nehemiah b.1882, Augusta Mary Agnes b.6/26/1886

  2. William
  3. Calvin
  4. Albert
  5. John
  6. Chester d. in Civil War
  7. Theodore
  8. Emily
  9. Sarah
  10. Margaret
138 Bros. Marshall & Thomas Marshall b.1803 VT m. Lydia L. Hussey

Thomas b.1815 NY d.1885 N.Collins area of NY m.1st Lucy and had ch:

  1. Sarah A. b.1838 Erie Co., NY
  2. Franklin M. b.1841 NY d.1863
  3. Thomas E. b.1847 MI
  4. Lucy or Isabella b.1847 MI
m.2nd Mary Hussey and had ch:
  1. Mary I. "Belle" b.1853 Erie Co. NY
  2. Benjamin b.1854 N.Collins,NY d.1888 Marshfield NY m. Nina (or Mina Estella) Smith and had ch all b.Brant NY: David Nathaniel b.1878, Jennie Louise b.1880, thomas Benjamin b.1882, Frank Claude b.1884
  3. John Clark b.1858 N.Collins d.1937 MI m. Georgianna Hammond and had ch:
    • Mary (Dolly) b.1877 Brandt NY m. John Robertson and had ch: Catherine 1894-1960 m. Omar Wood, Clarence 1896-1965, Carl 1898 m. Buelah, John 1900-1964, David b.1905, Vern b.1908, Florence b.1910 m. Kenneth Newsome
    • George Wallace b.1879 Pellston, MI m. Elizabeth Knickerbocker and had ch: Beulah b.1900, Robert 1903-1911, George b.1912, Edith
    • Olive b.1882 Pellston MI m. Lloyd Koepka and had ch: Georgianna 1915-1964
    • William Pell 1884-1965 Pellston MI m. Nellie Pike and had ch: Wendell O. b.1916, Darrell b.1918, William Jr. b.1921, Lloyd Gordon b.1923
    • Frank 1886-1894
  4. Hannah b.1865 Erie Co. NY

139 Edward Zane Carroll Edward's father was Levi and Levi's brother was Samuel.
140 Havilah Carlos Havilah b.1853 Port Washington WI d.1928 New Underwood SD m. Lois Mary OLIVER and had ch: Mabel Catherine b.1889, Alcena.
141 Donald Donald had ch: Hannah 1753-1816 m.1769 Stratford to Moses PLATT
142 Mary Avis Mary m. Andrew PERRY (1793-1851) in Orange, CT and both d. in Huntington, CT
143 Charles H. m. Emily BOSHER 1847 Richmond, VA
144 William George He was b.1866 CA d.1949 CA m.1894 Ella Lavinia WAGONER. They had 5 children: Hazel b.1904, William George b.1907, Walter Robert b.1910, Elmer Carl b.1916, Clarence b.1919
145 William b.1831 ME d.1911; he was a rancher in Mooney Flat, CA
146 Minnesota Burials
  1. Hamilton Harris 1849-1920
  2. Dora Mae 1876-1928 m. Dietrich Conrad Michel
  3. Frances 1902-1983
  4. Harriet M. 1848-1912
  5. Roswell 1806-1891 m.1 Amanda Harris m.2 Lucy M. Babcock
  6. Stella M. 1886-1965 (with Roswell & Lucy)
  7. J.Watts vet. Co. C 16th Wisc Civil War
  8. Lucie Alice 1853-1927
147 Alfred m. Margaret Young
148 Francis Edward He m. Henrietta Palmer; their son was Geoffrey James who m. Roslyn Matthews
149 Samuel H. He was of Boston when he m.1826 Mary Thompson
152 James b.1756 m. Ruth
155 Giles M. b. between 1825-1830 d.1850-1852 m.1848 Mary Law. Their dau. was Harriet Adela 1850-1936
156 Lewis He m.1835 Mary Thorne; may have moved to AL from NY
157 Effie Alice She m. John Ezra Walker
158 Margaret Atwood 1900-1991, she was a historian, educator & author and d.NJ
159 Almyra, Hattie Louise, Daniel Daniel m. Hattie and had 2 children: Hattie Louise b.1859 NY and Almyra b.1868 PA d.1889 CO
160 1917 NY Directory
  1. Floyd S. m. Edith; 4 children; dairy farmer in Cooperstown
  2. Irving m. Edna; farmer in Richfield Springs
  3. Saunders m. Alice; farmer in Cooperstown
161 Levi Levi b.1895 m. Mary (per 1850 Brooklyn NY census they ran a boarding house); children were: George, Catherine A. b.1822, Harriet b.1824, Mary J. b.1831; Curtis b.1837
162 Samuel His will of 1657, Dedham MA ... wife Mary and dau. Mary, Sarah and Esther
163 T.A. He m.1864 Anna E. Evans in VA
164 Virgie She m.1905 William Morris in VA
165 Adoniram He m.1873 Ella Chew in NJ
166 Cornelia b.abt 1830 m.Sam Hunn; was teacher in NY before moving to MN
167 Amanda 1887-1962; may have been born OK; she m. Harry Good
168 John R. of MI 1876-1947 m. Sadie Arrowsmith
169 Charles b.1876 may have lived in ID or WA (with Ethel)
170 Georganna lived MN area mid-late 1800s; she m. James Buchan
171 William Curtis, Geroge H. William Curtis d.1918 on board ship during WWI & lived in NJ; his father was George H.
172 Thomas V. 1915-1995
173 Charlotte, Sarah Jennie Charlotte b.1853 NY and Sarah Jennie b.1856 IL were children of Jane and a Mr. Judson b.CT
174 Rachel bap.1745 MA was dau. of Jedidiah
175 Clemence J. "Uke" 1911-1996 was pitcher for Buffalo Bisons in 1936
176 Willie W. Rev. Willie W. 1932-1996 from Buffalo NY
177 Danbury CT Vital Records
  1. Phebe - m.1838 Daniel Chapman
  2. Sally Ann - m.1829 Preston Crofut
  3. Truman Bennet - m.1828 Abigail Crofut
178 E.Hartford CT Vital Records
  1. Eli - m.1843 Mary Wood
  2. Hannah - d.1804; her child d.1804
  3. Harriet - m.1845 Elisha Sage Olmsted
  4. James W. - b.1851 s/o Ralph
  5. Jerusha - 1739-1809
  6. Jno - d.1797
  7. Julia A. - d.1848 at age 2
  8. Lucretia - Int.Pub. 1806 to Lard Olcott
  9. Mary S. - m.1853 James Palmer
179 Farmington CT Vital Records Mary - m.1739 James Thomson
180 Cornwall CT Vital Records
  1. Abel - b.1784 s/o Abel & Abigail
  2. Abel Clark - b.1808 s/o Abel & Ruby
  3. Amy Curtiss - 1771-1813 d/o Abel & Abigail
  4. Charles S. - d.1849 age 2
  5. David - b.1771 s/o Abel & Abigail
  6. Delia Sophia - b.1812 d/o Abel & Ruby
  7. Harriet - b.1793 m.1850 Phinehas Baldwin
  8. Joseph - b.1770 s/o Abel & Abigail
  9. Sarah - b.1175 d/o Abel & Abigail
  10. Sarah Abiah - m.1799 Henry Read
  11. Silas - m.1830 Minerva Carter
  12. Silas P. - m.1846 Adelia Bonny
181 Bridgeport CT Vital Records
  1. Ann Eliza - m.1852 James L. Maynard
  2. Garry - m.1833 Jane Patchen
  3. Henry - m.1843 Mary Ann Whitney
  4. Henry - m.1844 Mary Ann Beardsley
  5. Jeremiah - m.1832 Ann Linus
  6. Marcellus J. - m.1835 Huldah Mallett
  7. Mary - m.1841 Samuel Hine
  8. Mary Ann - m.1850 William M. Livingstone
  9. Rebecca B. - m.1838 Benjamin H. Bodwell
182 Ashford CT Vital Records
  1. Andrew W. - m.1844 Lucy B. Matthews
  2. Crissa - m.1844 Rev. Asa King
183 Bethlehem CT Vital Records Patty - b.1778 m.1802 Isaac Hill

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