Unconnected U.S. Judson Lines Continued

(Including Canada marked as such)

In going through my unconnected U.S. Judson lines, have found a number of Judsons who neither I or their descendant has further info on. Perhaps one of you will recognize the missing piece of info we need to connect them to the Judson database.

If you recognize any of the lines, please let me know the file # and I will get in touch with their descendants. All are Judson unless otherwise stated. Thank you.

First Name Index to Files

Missing file numbers indicates that line has been connected

# JUDSON Details & Other Family Members
184 Woodbury CT Vital Records
  1. Abigail L. - m.1843 Eli Starr Peet
  2. Barton - b.1783 s/o Nehemiah & Sarah
  3. Betsey - m.1834 Sidney Marvin
  4. Currence S. - m.1843 Charles Munson
  5. Daniel 2nd - b.1701 s/o John & Mary
  6. Daniel - m.1755 Hannah Minor
  7. Daniel - d.1766
  8. Elisha, Jr. - m.1771 Deborah Brownson
  9. Gideon - d.1745 s/o David
  10. James - b.1792 s/o Nehemiah & Sarah
  11. Jennet - m.1835 Lewis G. Sherman
  12. Jonathan - b.1712 s/o Jonathan & Mary
  13. Jonathan - d.1745
  14. Jonathan - b.1745 s/o Elijah & Sarah
  15. Julia - m.1839 Henry H. Peck
  16. Laura J. - m.1836 John S. Nichols
  17. Lawrain - b.1785 s/o Nehemiah & Sarah
  18. Louisa A. - m.1830 Amos Hitchcock
  19. Mariah - b.1795 d/o Hollister & Esther
  20. Martha - d.1776 d/o Simeon
  21. Mary - m.1731 John Minor
  22. Polly Ann - m.1830 Harmon P. Wells
  23. Sarah - b.1738 d/o John & Sarah
  24. Sarah A. - m.1836 Charles Bard
  25. Simeon - m.1773 Jerusha Mitchell
  26. Susannah - b.1753 d/o John & Sarah
185 Newtown CT Vital Records
  1. Fanny M. - m.1844 David B. Sherman
  2. Harry - m.1825 Sylvia Ann Shepard
  3. John B. - m.1843 Caroline White
  4. Mary - m.1823 William Mallory
  5. Orris - d.1850 age 29
  6. Phebe - m.1737 Mathew Curtiss
  7. Polly Ann - d.1835 age 36
  8. Sally - d.1846 age 70
186 Stratford CT Vital Records
  1. Abigail Jane - m.1780 Nathan Thompson
  2. Catharine - m.1840 Henry B. Lewis
  3. Charity - m.1825 Hull Curtis
  4. Eliza - m.1830 Nathan Peck, Jr.
  5. George P. - m.1842 Mary A. Fairchild
  6. Hannah - b.1746 d/o Samuel & Abia
  7. Hannah - m.1751 Samuel Whitney, Jr.
  8. Hellen - m.1825 Lasper Whiting
  9. Henry C. - m.1832 Betsey A. Peck
  10. Isack - m.1678 Marcy Fricks (Mary Hicks)
  11. Isaac - 1709-1710 s/o Sergt. John & Mary
  12. Isaac - b.1711 s/o Sergt. John & Mary
  13. Isaac - b.1753 s/o Joshuah & Ruth
  14. Isaac - m.1807 Clarissa McEwen
  15. Jeremiah - m. Huldah Burroughs
  16. John - b.1739 s/o Ephraim & Abigail
  17. Nathaniel - b.1653 s/o Jeremiah
  18. Ruth - m.1777 Brewster Dayton
  19. Sarah - b.1766 d/o Daniel & Sarah
  20. Sarah - b.1783
  21. Silas - m.1841 Polly Abigail Curtis
187 Roxbury CT Vital Records
  1. Cloe - m.1803 Rufus Thompson
  2. Eunice - m.1824 Abel Bronson, Jr.
  3. Lavina - m.1830 Elijah Andrus
  4. Mary - m.1830 William Smith
  5. Mary C. (alias Sanderson) - m.1822 Harry Hibbourne
  6. Sarah - m.1826 James Roswell
188 Litchfield CT Vital Records
  1. Levina - m.1807 Samuel McNeile
  2. Mary Caroline - m.1822 Harry Kilborn
189 Richard m.abt 1826 Widow Creasy Hutson in White Co., TN
190 Elizabeth m. Danealson Rutherford
191 Charles d.1914; m. Roxanne Henderson d.1904 Polo IL
192 Nannie b.abt 1878; was age 42 in 1920 TN Census
193 Atlanta GA All buried at Oakland Cemetery
  • Mrs. ES 9/17/1888 40 yrs
  • JC=s child 4/28/1876 13 days
  • Susie 3/10/1885 9 months
  • Anna 1/22/1901 55 yrs
  • David N. 6/2/1881 63 yrs
  • Emma 4/26/1909 60 yrs
  • Sarah F. 3/31/1896 75 yrs
  • William 8/13/1893 50 yrs
194 CT Marriages Brookfield:
Adeline m.1846 Nelson C. Brockington of Danbury
Albert m.1826 Harriot Conger

Orrin of Plymouth m.1825 Annah Gaylord of Bristol
Rebecca m.1833 Justus R. Loomis of Torrington

Edwin s/o Charles J. m.1849 Caroline

Birdsey m.1831 Emeline Roberts

Lewis B. of New Haven m.1841 Mary J. Hurd of Clinton

Ann of Woodbridge m.1837 Walter B. Eddy of New Britain
Charles R. m.1847 Elizabeth Ann Spencer

Samuel m.1841 Finetta Jane Weed

Ann Mills of Fairfield m.1832 George Gibbs of Turks Island
Catharine Ann m.1826 Stiles Bulkley

Samuel H. of Southbridge, MA m.1834 Mary McCray of Ellington

195 Levi C. b.abt 1793; was Selectman from 1820-29, Farmington
196 Milford CT
  • Agur m. Laura Augusta Burns b.1817
  • Ellen A. m. George DeForest Lambert b.1833
  • Lewis m. Lavinia Beard b.1760
  • Stiles 1862-1914 m. Minnie Lee Miles 1865-1938
197 MA & NY Marriages
  • Dr. Azariah m.1848 Ellen C. Lowrey in Lee, Berkshire Co.
  • Samuel H. m.1826 Mary Thompson in Brimfield, Hampden Co.
  • Dr. Walter P. m.1824 Hannah Thompson in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co.
  • Willard m.1828 Mary Chapin in Uxbridge, Worchester Co.
  • Sarah m.1855 George Spencer in Greene Co., NY
  • William m.1888 Anna McWhorter in Fulton Co., NY
198 Jerome 1927-1991, poet, taught at Antioch College
199 NY Marriages
  • Annette m.1873 Benjamin F. Teas
  • Aurelia m.1859 John Smith in Schoharie Co.
  • Delia m.1874 Thomas Van Keuren
  • Eliza m.1824 David Warren in Albany Co.
  • George M. m.1853 Urbania M. Thompson
  • Harriette m.1847 John Swinburne
  • Laura m.1864 Elmore Stone
  • Sanders m.1873 Alice Wilson
200 NY Marriages
  • Benjamin m.1828 Charlotte Carmichael in Rensselaer Co.
  • Esther m.1819 William Hermans in Greene Co.
  • Eva May m.1905 Joseph Leo Rigney in Dutchess Co.
  • Fanny m.1807 John Dedrick in Greene Co.
  • James m.1837 Charity Decker in Greene Co.
  • Jane m.1858 Virgil Traver in Dutchess Co.
  • John m.1868 Rachel Steenberg in Dutchess Co.
  • Joseph m.1823 Maranda Cook in Dutchess Co.
  • Lydia m.1845 __Alvord in Columbia Co.
  • Mary m.1827 David Hawley in Greene Co.
  • Mary m.1876 Thomas White in Greene Co.
  • Nancy m.1817 Ranson Bruitt in Dutchess Co.
  • Ralph m.1826 Sally Chase in Columbia Co.
201 Samuel Lived in Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY m. Abigail and had children: Azariah, Samuel, Noah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sarah, Susannah, and Mary.
202 IL Marriages
  • A.M. m. Anna M. (Houston) Russell 1903 Kane Co.
  • Adelia m. Charles H. Leal 1873 Ogle Co.
  • Alma L. m. Hiram W. Dupy 1887 Sangamon Co.
  • E. m. Mary M. Shattuck 1848 Cook Co.
  • Eda Ann m. Robert Johnston 1868 Will Co.
  • Edward B. m. Grace McCoughtry 1888 Macon Co.
  • Eliza A. m. Anson Loomis 1855 Kane Co.
  • Elizabeth J. m. Mark Kimball 1848 Cook Co.
  • Ella C. m. Orlando Palmer 1869 Cook Co.
  • Emily m. Benjamin Pierce 1855 Ogle Co.
  • Emma F. m. Robert F. Jonston 1878 Cook Co.
  • Emma L. (d/o James & Margaret) m. Charles Hilderbrand 1891 Ogle Co.
  • Fannie M. m. Frank Mann 1878 McLean Co.
  • Frank (s/o James & Rebecca) m. Martha Jane Rowland 1889 Ogle Co.
  • Franklin m. Nancy Robertson 1873 Sangamon Co.
  • Fred m. Eula Hawkins 1884 Cook Co.
  • Fred C. m. May Hanks 1889 Kane Co.
  • George D. m. Katie Perry 1895 Ogle Co.
  • H.C. m. Mary Eliza Cline 1874 Cass Co.
  • Hale D. (s/o Nathan & Mary) m. Fannie Maud Reed 1880 Ogle Co.
  • Hale Daniel m. Josephine Elizabeth Gould 1884 Ogle Co.
  • Hector m. Ida Barnes 1879 Cook Co.
  • Helen M. m. John Beveridge 1848 Cook Co.
  • Henry A. m. Katie Galligher 1881 Cook Co.
  • Henry C. m. Mary Clous 1875 Adams Co.
  • Henry M. m. Almeda Henderson 1862 Ogle Co.
  • Henry S. m. Rose Fleurie 1905 Kane Co.
  • Herbert E. m. Ella Bradshaw 1888 Knox Co.
  • Holly F. m. Rebecca Ann Aleshire 1840 Coles Co.
  • Ida Emily m. Edwin Easterbrook 1867 Kendall Co.
  • James m. Emily Mumfield/Mumford 1874 Rock Island Co.
  • James A. m. Lizzie Ingham 1880 Cook Co.
  • James A. m. Emma Irene Jackson 1883 Kane Co.
  • James A. m. Mary Francis Clark 1872 Kane Co.
  • James A. m. Sarah Maddock 1897 Kane Co.
  • James R. m. Ella Waterman 1878 Ogle Co.
  • Jane E. m. Walter Orton 1857 Peoria Co.
  • Jennette B. m. Bertrad Scheffer 1861 Cook Co.
  • John D. m. Mary Wakefield 1869 Ogle Co.
  • Julia A. m. Harry Good 1885 Carroll Co.
  • Julia Ann m. Jared Fairbanks 1849 Henry Co.
  • Julia J. m. Frederick Tourtelott 1861 Kane Co.
  • Julia M. m. John Waters 1867 Kane Co.
  • Lee Borden m. Martha Stanley Sherwood 1899 Kane Co.
  • Lewis B. m. Diana Stafford 1844 Kendall Co.
  • Louis P. m. Florence Emmons 1867 Carroll Co.
  • Louisa m. Justus Doolittle 1866 Cook Co.
  • Louise E. m. Harrison Goodspell 1868 Ogle Co.
  • Lucy Jane m. C.M. Allen 1850 Cook Co.
  • Lula M. m. Daniel Hewitt 1892 McHenry Co.
  • M. Ida m. John Sullivan 1872 Cook Co.
  • Mabel (d/o Henry & Almeda) m. Albert Acker 1893 Ogle Co.
  • Maria E. m. Frederick Tabbs 1872 Knox Co.
  • Mary m. Eli Webster 1854 Kendall Co.
  • Mary m. Swan Sunborg 1870 Knox Co.
  • Mary Jane m. William Hill 1852 Kendall Co.
  • W.A. m. J.E. Forester 1882 St. Clair Co.
  • Willet A. m. Mae Evelyn McMahon 1885 Edgar Co.
  • William E. m. Maggie Quill 1876 Cook Co.
  • William H. m. Nellie Jennison 1879 Cook Co.
  • William H. m. Emma Trotter 1859 Lake Co.
  • Wyatt m. Edyann Prosser 1853 Will Co.
203 Philander Philander L. b.abt 1854 IA m. Sarah Ellen "Mary" Byrd 1887 MO. Their children were Clara Alice b.1891 MO, Fred b.abt 1894 MO, Claud Holland b.abt 1896 MO, Lily May b.abt 1897 MO, Rachel b.abt 1903 IA, Gerald b.abt 1906 IA, and Joe b.abt 1907 IA.
204 Charles Charles m. Nina and has dau. Miriam E. buried in Hurlock, MD.
205 RI deaths
  • E.B. had dau. Minnie d.1865 at 8 mos.
  • William d.1868 at 55 yrs, s/o Daniel
  • Ellen d.1891 at 56 yrs (had kin Mary Tozier & Lois Judkins)
  • William had wife Nellie who d.1910 at age 37
  • Robert d.1929 at 68 yrs (had kin John Judson & Sarah Judson)
  • Joseph d.1807 on sloop Minerva (had kin Merey Jolls)
206 RI births
  • Cleveland M. b.1908 s/o Harry P. and Georgena
  • Ethelyn M. b.1908 d/o Edward and Emma
  • Eleanora b.1855 d/o Edward M. and Abby M.
  • Harry P. b.1885 s/o Charles D. and Sabina E.
207 RI Marriages
  • Charles m. Emily Garrett 1898
  • Ellen m. James E. Carey 1904
208 Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson d.1896 Lafayette, MO age abt 64
209 Lived Coxsackie, NY
  • Abigail m. Stephen Waring
  • Fanny m. John F. Dederick
210 William Lees William Lees had sons Walter H., J. Lionel, and Paul who went to CA in 1895.
211 Lucius Lucius b.1800 VT d.1845 MI m. Fanny Messenger.
212 John B. John B. in Am. Rev. m. Hepsey
213 Lucy Jane, John West Siblings Lucy Jane and John West
214 WWII
  • Gordon A. - NY; US Navy d.1945 The Philippines
  • Maynard E. - RI; Bomber Squadron d.1944 The Netherlands
  • Wendell M. - OH; 11th Airborne d.1945 The Philippines
215 Edward B. and W.A. W.A. had brother Edward B. b.1813 Coxsackie, NY m.1846 Sarah Williams and had son Edward B., Jr.
216 Edith E. Edith E. m. Charles Winkley
217 William H. William H. b.1833 OR. m. Sophronia E. of OH
218 Isabelle Emily Isabelle Emily m.1918 MI to George Everett Whitlock
219 Bertie Victor Bertie Victor 1888-1968; buried UT
220 Jane Jane b.1812 d/p Rev. Philo
221 Born NY, NJ, CT, ME, VT, MI, Canada
  1. Alfred b.1825 NY m.1857 MI to Jane b.1830 NY; ch: Roy, Lillian, Cora, Marie; resided Pontiac MI
  2. Alma b.1854 MI d/o Zugustus & Zylphia; resided Troy MI
  3. Althea b.1865 MI m. Monroe Dunlap; ch: Grace, Monroe, Vern
  4. Amos, Jr. b.1851 NJ s/o Amos & Christine; resided Waterford, MI
  5. Amos, Sr. b.1899 NJ m.1810 NJ to Christine; ch: Wm, John, Charlott, James, Caroline, Amos +; resided Waterford
  6. Anne b.1857 MI d/o John & Jane; resided Pontiac MI
  7. Augustus b.1826 NY m.1854 MI to Zylphia; ch: Alma, Truman +; resided Troy MI
  8. Benjamin S. b.1800 NY; ch: CorAdelle; resided Lyon MI
  9. Caroline b.1848 NJ d/o Amos & Christine; resided Waterford MI
  10. Chancey b.1834 NY s/o Roswell & Joanne; resided Lyon MI
  11. Charles W. b.1825 m.1858 MI Ann Dickman; ch: Cornelia, Abner, Rebecca; resided Addison MI
  12. Charlotte b.1843 NJ d/o Amos & Christine; resided Waterford MI
  13. CorAdelle b.1829 NY d/o Benjamin; m. John Starkweather; resided Lyon MI
  14. Curtis b.1825 m.1850 MI to Fannie LeRoy; ch: Roy, Ruth, Robert; resided Rochester MI
  15. E.Y. b.1800 CT m.1838 NY to Susannah; ch: John, Lorenzo, Eleazer, Mary, Susannah, James +; resided Rose MI
  16. Edmund b.1857 NJ s/o Samuel & Sarah; resided Waterford MI
  17. Eleazer b.1842 NY s/o E.Y. & Susannah; resided Rose MI
  18. Frances b.1837 NY s/o Roswell & Joanne; resided Lyon MI
  19. Israel b.1807 ME; ch: Laura; resided Avon MI
  20. James b.1856 NY s/o E.Y. & Susannah; resided Rose MI
  21. James b.1859 MI s/o John & Martha; resided Holly MI
  22. James b.1859 NJ s/o Samuel & Sarah resided Waterford MI
  23. James Jr. b.1812 NJ s/o James & Elizabeth d.1885 m.Sophia; resided Mt. Pleasant MI
  24. James b.1792 NJ d.1846 m.1811 NJ to Louisa; ch: James +; resided Waterford MI
  25. John b.1844 MI s/o Martin & Catharine; resided Bloomfield MI
  26. John b.1830 MI m.1855 MI to Jane; ch: Ann +; resided Pontiac MI
  27. John b.1839 NY s/o E.Y. and Susannah; resided Rose MI
  28. John b.1841 NJ s/o Amos & Christine; resided Waterford MI
  29. John Jr., b.1856 Canada s/o John & Martha; resided Holly MI
  30. John b.1820 Canada m.1854 Can to Martha; ch: John, Wm, Walter, James +; resided Holly MI
  31. Laura A. b.1839 MI; m.1858 MI to Edward Patch; resided Avon MI
  32. Lorenzo b.1840 NY s/o E.Y. & Susannah; resided Rose MI
  33. Louisa b.1854 NJ d/o William & Rebecca; resided Waterford MI
  34. Maria b.1849 MI d/o Alfred & Louisa; resided Waterford MI
  35. Martha b.1856 NJ d/o William & Rebecca; resided Waterford MI
  36. Martin b.1795 NJ m. Catharine; ch: John +; resided Bloomfield MI
  37. Mary b.1849 NY d/o E.Y. & Susannah; resided Rose MI
  38. Roswell b.1794 CT m.NY to Joanne; ch: Thomas, Chancey, Frances; resided Lyon MI
  39. Roswell b.1799 NY m. Margaret; ch: Wm, Margaret, Esther +; resided Lyon MI
  40. Samuel b.1859 MI s/o William & Rebecca; resided Waterford MI
  41. Samuel b.1833 NJ m.1855 NJ to Mary; ch: Edmund, James +; resided Waterford MI
  42. Susannah b.1851 NY d/o E.Y. & Susannah; resided Rose MI
  43. Thomas b.1824 NY s/o Roswell & Joanne; resided Lyon MI
  44. Truman b.1859 MI s/o Augustus & Zylphia; resided Troy MI
  45. Walter b.1858 MI s/o John & Martha; resided Holly MI
  46. William b.1831 NY m.1852 NJ to Rebecca; ch: Louisa, Martha, Samuel +; resided Waterford MI
  47. William b.1856 Canada s/o John & Martha; resided Holly MI
222 Isaac Isaac m. Martha Mitchell in Pickens District, SC
223 1900 MN Census
  1. Hazel M., dau. b.3/1891 MN age 9
  2. Lyman B., head b.9/1848 WIS age 51
  3. Mary J., wife b.10/1871 MN age 28
  4. W.E., boarder b.MN
224 Albert Lorin Albert Lorin may have been born in Kansas; moved to Ft. Worth TX
225 Clarence, Harry Clarence M. m. Georgiana THATCHER and had son Harry b.1881 Waterbury CT.
226 NJ marriage A. Judson m. Jane M. HITCHNER Dec 1871 in NJ
227 Betsey Betsey m. Able DUDLEY
228 Kate Kate B. m.1897 to Asa Jay HISCOCK; lived in MI
229 Cynthia Cynthia abt 1800-1841 m. James WALBRIDGE; lived in NY
230 Sarah, Calvin Sarah 1873-1922 d/o Calvin m. Ferris HULSE
231 Robert, Wm Wellington, Minnie, Viola Robert m. Ann CLARK. g.g.g.grandson was William Wellington who m. Hannah CHANDLER; ch: Minnie, Viola
232 Maria(h) Maria(h) Ann b.1833 SC m. James Henry GRANTHAM; listed in GA census
233 Edmund L., Stiles W.
  • Hon. Edmund L., past grand master, Grand Lodge, F&A.M., d.1890
  • Dr. Stiles W. 1814-1890
234 Anna Anna m.1785 NH to Joseph Philbrick MARSTON
236 John B. John B. b.abt 1839 m. Lucinda LAMPHEAR of NY
237 Nevada Nevada (female) and her daughter Delma Judson Peterson; lived Whelan WA in 1880.
238 Thomas, Mary Jane Thomas of Brant NY m. Hannah; their dau Mary Jane "Jennie" 1852-1881 m.abt 1868 to Alexander COLE. Mary Jane d. in Pueblo CO.
239 Riley Pearl Riley Pearl b.abt 1880 m.OH Mary RASP. Ch: Elizabeth b.1905, George b.1907, Marguerite b.abt 1910 m. James Harvey DOANE.
240 Virgil Virgil Lampson b.1890 s/o William bap. Plainville CT
241 Will Will m.1899 Worth GA to Elizabeth PEARSON
242 W.B. W.B. of Chicago wrote Northwestern Lumberman in 1885
243 Anna Hasselteen Anna Hasselteen b.1840 MO m.1 __ SHORT; m.2 Daniel RIPPLE
244 Jacob Sgt. Jacob resided Chicago and fought in Sp.Amer. War
245 Charles Charles & wife of Sandusky OH killed by train
246a John John of Lancaster Co., PA stabbed by Indian in March, 1738, but not fatally.
246b Philandia Philandia J. m.1874 Olivia N. Ellis Ray Co., MO
247 Iowa Marriages 1851-1900
  1. George M. m.1876 Anna E. Oliver, Mucatine Co.
  2. George M. m.1886 Maggie Tuman, Mucatine Co.
  3. George M. m.1900 Sarah A. Cummins, Mucatine Co.
  4. Daisy L.M. m.1893 W.H.H. Morgan, Marion Co.
  5. Nancy J. m.1866 Jefferson Wood, Appa Co.
  6. William m.1880 Minerva A. Hardin, Appa Co.
248 Marble Cemetary NYC 1830-1937
  1. Mary Ann Caroline Hartman 1807-1831
  2. Mary Ellicott 1845-1851
  3. Nancy 1792-1831
249 Sarah Sarah b.1810 Nash Co., NC, resided Stoney Creek
250 MS Marriage T.H. m.1857 Mary A. Allen, Yalobusha Co., MS
251 Iowa Cemetery
  1. Abigail 1814-1880 Timberlake Cem.
  2. Almae 1864-1864 (? dates) Timberlake Cem.
  3. Elis 1808-1874 Timberlake Cem
252 Indiana Birth 1880-1920
  1. Ada m. James Cook had James 1916
  2. Leroy b.1886 s/o William M. & Martha Smith
  3. John J. m. Maud Mayler had son 1901
  4. Mable m. George Williams had Lois May 1915
  5. Ruth A. m. Jas L. Pryor had Olive L. 1910
  6. Effie G. m. Wylie Henry had Jessie G. 1917, John 1911, Lawrence 1908, female 1903
  7. Female Judson m. Jno Hellenbrandt had son 1893
  8. Laura B. m. E.F. Osborn had Paul 1901
  9. Lee m. Fannie Hewell had dau. 1911
  10. Mattie m. Ira Gibson had William 1890
  11. Martha E. m. J.M. Gibson had child 1897
  12. Mary m. John Hadley had Clide & Liddie 1889, male 1892
  13. Charles V. 1904, Dareus 1908, male 1912 to Edgar & Blanch M. Knox
  14. Edgar B. 1913, Gene W. 1915, Helen L. 1914 to Edgar & Mary H. Allen
  15. Ida May 1896, Irvin 1901 to Thomas & Susan Tryon
  16. Jno William 1919 s/o Leonard & Dora Haynes
  17. William 1888 s/o Chris & Jane Foxworthy
  18. William B. 1920 s/o William & Emma Bennett
  19. John D. m. H.E. Haase had female 1884
  20. William m. __ Turner had male 1894, female 1897, male 1899
  21. Lemele m. __ Hanly had male 1904
  22. Edward m. __ Keux had female 1905
  23. Dora A. m. Byrl Seeley had Hilda 1910, Nila G. 1908, male 1905
  24. Nellie m. R.C. Vinsel had Colilla F. 1909
  25. Amanda m. John Hillenbrandt had female 1882, male 1893
253 Doloris Doloris C. 1919-1995 d/o John & Mary Theresa Maskil Willis. Doloris m. Donald P. O'Conner
254 William C. William C. m. Anna Mae Schick, resided Orange Co. Children may have been Charles, Melissa, William J., Edward, Josephine, Elizabeth.
255 Branford CT Vitals
  1. Clifford Smith b.1876 s/o William S. 30 & Josephine Linsly 29
  2. William L. 25 m.1871 Maria J. Linsley 24
  3. Robert W. b.New Haven d.1888 at 13
  4. Adelaide buried 1925 (in transit)
256 Southbury CT Vitals
  1. Royal m. Jeni E.
  2. Elmer C. 25 m.1865 Eunice Hill 21
  3. Mary Curtis 22 b.Brooklyn m.1886 Arthur Dayton Munson 24
  4. Kate L. 19 m.1889 Charles Bradley
  5. Royal C. d.1880 age 70
  6. Anna m.1832 John Welte
  7. Betsey d.1826 age 67
  8. Birdseye m.1817 Sally Wagner
  9. Mary m.1831 Beardsley Curtiss
  10. Olive d.1798
  11. Samuel d.1844 age 79
  12. Sherman d.1798
257 Roxbury CT Vitals
  1. Sarah m. Aaron Rowe
  2. Henry b.1855, Julia b.1857, George b.1859 to Charles & Sarah
  3. George R. m. Chloe B. had Howard (or Leonard) 1860
  4. Anna d.1871 age 85
258 Oliver Houston Co., GA 1900 Census - Oliver (colored) b.1874 m. Mary b.1879 and had Claudia b.1896, Osceola b.1898, Babe b.1900
259 Reuben Reuben m. Charlotte b. abt 1810
260 Margaret Margaret b.1798 NC m. Reuben Hodgins and moved to ALA.
261 England to MA
  1. Michael of Horton, Bradford Dale, Yorkshire, Eng
  2. Children of Michael are Samuel d.1657 Dedham MA m. 1.Bridget Warner m.2 1646 MA Mary Aldridge


  3. Children of Samuel are Mary b.1647, Sarah b.1651, Esther b.1654 MA m.1676 Eleazer Kingsbury
262 Hannah Hannah 1848-1935 m. Jasper DeKalb Price
263 Lester, Lillian Lester m. Emma Vinal had Lillian who m. Albert Lamb
264 Abbie CLARK, ORSON P. m. JUDSON, ABBIE 03/02/1859
265 Abbie b.10 Jun 1889 d.Jul 1983 ME lived in Cumberland Center, ME
266 Abby A. found in: Passenger and Immigration Lists: Boston, 1821-1850
267 Abel Coventry, NY: Judson, Abel Birdsey 1802-1852 m.1836 Laura Clara Dickinson. CH: Thomas Nathaniel, Alonzo Birdsey, Ellen Charlotte m. Henry C. Whitley, Ann Eliza
269 Abraham b. 10 Aug 1893 d.Apr 1981 resided FL
270 Ackerman E. m. Terrill, Margaret E b.1840. CH Agnes Jane b.1865
271 Albert W. m. Mary Ann Fish b. 1831
272 Alcy m. GEORGE BEEDEN ROBERTS, b.1863 TX
273 Alexander Corbin author
274 Alma m. Barnett, Alvey
275 Anna or Amanda 1875-1929 m. C.H. Wheat; bur Old Southland Cem, Grand Prairie TX
276 Polly Ann, Nathan d/o Nathan Judson and Lucinda Brockman m. David Bartlett Choate
277 Amelia 1783-1864 m. Seward, Jason 1784-1874
278 Amos, Mary Ann, Andrew m. Abigail Wilcoxson b.1753 CT
Mary Ann d/o Andrew Judson and Katie Bennett.
279 San Francisco Call Newspaper Ann ... d.1877 ... age 61 Charlotte ... d.1876 ... age 83 Emma R. ... d.1884 Hattie T. ... m.1881 to Stephens, John B. Henry C. ... m.1877 to Doane, Ella A. Herbert H. ... d.1887 ... age 45 James ... d.1883 ... age 68 Mattie J. ... m.1874 to Taylor, Edward P. Theodore Gussie ... d.1883 ... age 13 Willet P. ... d.1872 ... age 8 William F. ... m.1884 to Gilman, Lucy A. dau of Henry C. ... b.1878 son of Thos. R. ... b.1875 E.S.M. ... m.1892 to Holmgren, Alice E. Edward S. ... d.1893 ... age 24 days Egbert ... d.1893 ... age 80 dau of F.S.M. ... b.1893 son of E.S.M. ... b.1893 Henry C. ... d.1894 ... age 49 Mary E. ... d.1895 ... age 48

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