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COPYRIGHT OR OWNERSHIP: Photograph property of the Marion County Historical Society. Copyright restrictions may apply.
PHOTO SOURCE: Marion County Historical Society
DESCRIPTION: Pictured is threshing on the Lewis Judson farm in the 1870s. The farm was located in South Salem, Oregon.
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COPYRIGHT & OWNERSHIP: Statesman Journal photo
PHOTO SOURCE: Salem Public Library
DESCRIPTION: This is a photograph of Salem's First Oregon National Guard unit, Company M lined up in full regalia at the Ferry Street entrance to the Armory. This building was dedicated in June 1912 and abandoned in 1961 when the Salem Armory Auditorium was constructed on 17th Street. In the front row on the left is Capt. Max Gehlhar, 1st Lt. Roy Neer, 2nd Lt. Louis Judson and Sgt. Dana H. Allen. In the far left background are the GAR veterans, whose convention was the housewarming for the new armory.

DESCRIPTION: Photos of Truman Judson 1806-1893 CT and his wife Anthoinette Hurlburt 1808-1905 CT

DESCRIPTION: Photos of Homer Lincoln Judson 1862-1956 CT and his wife Adella Maria Dudley 1863-1951 CT, as well at their farmhouse posing with some of their children & g.children

DESCRIPTION: Paul Warner Judson 1898 CT-1984 CA and his wife Elizabeth "Betty" Ferguson 1894 OH-1969 NY

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children of Charles G. Judson

Picture taken the Summer of 1912 in Danbury, CT by Baisley
Back Row: Mary Jane, George Matthew, Ernest Harrison, Egbert Slocum, & Harriet Louise.

Front Row: Annie Rhoda, Charles Griffith (dad), Nancy Slocum (mom), & Thomas Charles.

descendants of Charles G. Judson

Shown in picture of Descendants of Charles Griffith Judson:
Front Row of Children: Thomas Edward Judson, Marjorie Slocum, Jeanette Warner Stone.

2nd Row of Children: George Matthew Judson Jr, Egbert Judson Slocum, Paul Thomas Judson, Howard Owen Judson, Charles Ketchin Judson Jr, Frank Martin Stone Jr, Clinton Deuel Judson, Nan Knauf, Dorothy Esther Stone, Lois Knauf, Louise Frances Stone, Hazel Caroline Judson, Helen Louise Slocum.

3rd Row: Emmaline Oetzel Judson & George Matthew Judson, Victoria Elizabeth Barnett Judson & Ernest Harrison Judson, Wanda Judson (baby), Bessie Ketchin Judson & Thomas Charles Judson, Ruth Harriet Stone (baby), Annie Rhoda Judson & Theodore Oscar Warner, Wilhemina Randeman Judson & Egbert Slocum Judson, Harriet Louise Judson Treadwell & William Peck Treadwell, Mary Jane Judson Knauf & Lewis Knauf.

4th Row: Nellie Slocum, Lena White Judson, Marion Augusta Judson Slocum, George Gammie's sister, Calista Emmaline Judson, Gladys Esther Judson, Ethel Ernestine Judson, Dorothy Brush Judson, Lovina Judson Treadwell, Mary Evelyn Treadwell Gammie, Jennie Esther Warner Stone, Hazel Judson, Marian Slocum Judson, Harriette Louise Judson Brooks.

5th Row: Charles Ketchin Judson, Homer Slocum, John Oetzel Judson, Edwin Charles Judson, Egbert Slocum Judson Jr, Wilford S. Judson, Brush Judson, Leon Caulkins, George Gammie, Frank Martin Stone, Roland Judson, George Thomas Judson, Elmore Alan Judson (baby), George Thomas Judson, Earl Edwards Brooks.

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Photos of

Judson House; Stratford, CT

Eli Judson 1770-1821 s/o Abner Judson & Hannah Curtis m.1797 Charlotte Ranney 1777-

Photos of

Truman Warner Judson 1806-1893 s/o Reuben Judson & Anna Warner m.1829 Antoinette Hurlburt

Antoinette Hurlburt 1808-1905 d/o Ebenezer Hurlburt & Philena Bates

Jerome Truman Judson 1830-1872 s/o Truman Warner Judson & Antoinette Hurlburt m. Jane Polly Hall

Jane Polly Hall b.1835 d/o Alexander Hall & Rebecca Colburn

Philena M. Judson b.1835 d/o Truman Warner Judson & Antoinette Hurlburt m.1856 Zenas J. Ward

Zenas J. (Jay) Ward b.1832

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Photos of

Homestead of Truman Warner Judson & Antoinette Hurlburt

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Photos of

Warner Dennis Judson 1837-1909 s/o Truman Warner Judson & Antoinette Hurlburt m.1864 Sarah E. Griswold

Sarah E. Griswold 1841-1925

Grace H. Judson 1867-1954 d/o Warner Dennis Judson & Sarah E. Griswold

Martha Ann Judson b.1839 d/o Truman Warner Judson & Antoinette Hurlburt

Antoinette Hurlburt (Nettie) Judson 1841-1926 d/o Truman Warner Judson & Antoinette Hurlburt m.1868 Albert Mix Ensign

Albert Mix Ensign 1846-1907 s/o Edwin Willis Ensign & Julia Maria Mix

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Photos of

Gravestones of Antoinette Hurlburt Judson & Albert Mix Ensign

Gravestones of Beth C. Ensign, Glencora Thankful Ensign & Thomas Williams Ensign.

Betsey Almira Judson b.1845 d/o Truman Warner Judson & Antoinette Hurlburt m.1867 Charles M. Hall

Charles M. Hall

George Henry Judson 1848-1917 s/o Truman Warner Judson & Antoinette Hurlburt

Ellen Judson 1852-1920 d/o Truman Warner Judson & Antoinette Hurlburt

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Photos of

Gravestone of Charles William Judson 1859-1925 s/o Charles Ebenezer Judson & Martha Jane Parmelee

Annie Mary Staude 1862-1899 d/o Charles H. Staude & Anna Marie Miller m. Charles William Judson

Gravestone of Annie Mary Staude

Taken in 1942, Homer Lincoln Judson 1862-1956 s/o Charles Ebenezer Judson & Martha Jane Parmelee m.1882 Adella Maria Dudley 1863-1951 d/o George Everett Dudley & Cornelia Wealthy Parmelee

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Photos of

Jerome Truman Judson b.1872, Walter Parmelee Judson b.1869 & Ada Bell Judson b.1875

Walter Parmelee Judson 1869-1946 s/o Charles Ebenezer Judson & Martha Jane Parmelee m.1922 Edna May Mead

Gravestone of Walter Parmelee Judson

Gravestone of Edna May Mead 1877-1934 d/o Henry Mead & Elizabeth Pardee

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Photos of

Taken during WWI, Bertha Mabel (Bertie) Judson 1883-1971 d/o Homer Lincoln Judson & Adella Maria Dudley

Harold Dudley Judson 1885-1968 s/o Homer Lincoln Judson & Adella Maria Dudley m. Ella May Kimball

Harold Dudley Judson & Ella May Kimball b.1886 d/o Sherman G. Kimball & Ida Barker

Taken May 26, 1912 John Truman Judson 1888-1958 s/o Homer Lincoln Judson & Adella Maria Dudley

Taken Oct 1918 Flora Bell Judson 1893-1986 d/o Homer Lincoln Judson & Adella Maria Dudley m.1955 Millard Delanoy

Flora Bell Judson & Millard Delanoy

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Photos of

Edith Parmelee Judson 1896-1977 d/o Homer Lincoln Judson & Adella Maria Dudley m.1915 Ancelum Joseph Grace, shown with baby daughter Pauline Edith Grace

Ancelum Joseph (Ancel) Grace 1893-1956 s/o Samuel Otis Butler & Mary Ann Lacouiciere

Taken at Ft Sam Houston, TX WWI; Paul Warner Judson 1898-1984 s/o Homer Lincoln Judson & Adella Maria Dudley m. Elizabeth L. Ferguson

Paul Warner Judson & Elizabeth L. (Betty) Ferguson 1894-1969 d/o Thomas Ferguson & Elizabeth T. (Libbie) Tolan

Gravestone of Paul Warner Judson, Elizabeth L. Ferguson & William George MacLoon

Flora, Edith & Bertha Judson; children of Homer Lincoln Judson & Adella Maria Dudley

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Photos of

Harold, Rhoda, Edith, Flora & Paul; children of Homer Lincoln Judson & Adella Maria Dudley

3R: Edith Judson, Ancel Grace, Charles Smith 2R: Paul Judson, Ruth Grace, baby Charlie, Rhoda Judson, Virginia Grace, Elizabeth Ferguson, Adella Dudley, Ella Kimball, Harold Judson 1R: unknown, Pauline Grace, Bertha Judson, Mr. Baldwin

Pauline Edith (Polly) Grace 1918-1989 d/o Edith Parmelee Judson & Ancelum Joseph Grace m.1941 Eugene Sanfred Appell

Eugene Sanfred (Gene) Appell, Pauline Edith Grace, Edith Parmelee Judson, Ancelum Joseph Grace, Adella Maria Dudley, Homer Lincoln Judson

Anne Elizabeth Thompson 1917-1992 d/o Eugene Smith Thompson & Florence Judson

William George MacLoon 1921-1992 s/o Edward Ellis McLoon & Marion Liveria Aurette Kemp

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Photos of

Tom Judson, Bill Judson, Jack Judson & owner of Pearl Brewery Oct 8, 1965 signing contract to sell candy company to Pearl Brewery

Brothers Tom, Jack & Bill Judson in front of Judson Candies in 1960

Judson-Atkinson Candies Bag in 1998 Sweet Perfection Since 1899

Mailing Tube and Letter sent to James Sherman Hunter (grandson of Julia Marie Judson), most likely sent by one of his siblings 1899-1900

One of Many Judson Crests

A.B. Judson ad in Mishawaka, Indiana

Photos of

Ad for Judson's Patent Governor & Graduating Valves

Ad for Judson, Montgomery & Co.

Photos of

Harriet Lavancia Atwood Granddaughter of Fanny Galetsy Judson

R1: Phebe Atwood, Arvilla Gowey Atwood (d/o John Gowey & Fanny Galetsy Judson), David Pinkerton Atwood, Suzie Atwood R2: Franklin Gilbert Atwood, Ada Atwood, Thomas Leeander Atwood

Database of American Civil War (ACW) photographs from the Special Collections Branch of MHI. Usually, patrons are searching for ancestors, researching particular ACW regiments, or looking for examples of items worn or used by soldiers of the period. Ultimately, this database will reflect the full range of MHI's photographic collection, ranging from the periods of the Mexican War in the 1840s to recent operations such as those in Somalia and Bosnia. As our digitization efforts expand, we hope to provide links to scanned images through this database. The following photos were found:

                     Full standing wartime image of Col. Roscius W. Judson, 142nd Regt., N.Y. Vol. Inf.
                     A three-quarter standing view of Capt. Seldon C. Judson, Co. I, 106th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
                     A bust view of Capt. Seldon C. Judson, Co. I, 106th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
                     Bust view of Surg. Oliver Albert Judson, US Vols., in civilian attire
                     Group photo of: 1st Lt. Hiram W. Day, Capt. Edward M. Paine; 2nd Lt. Selden Judson, All
                     of Co. A, 106th Regt., N.Y. S. Vol. Inf. All in uniforms wearing overcoats.

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Homer/Agnes Judson rufus caroline group
Homer 1883-1947 and Agnes 1886-1979 (Andrews) Judson Rufus Dibble Caroline (Judson) Dibble b.1838/9 Lewis 1852-1917 & Effie (Norris) Judson family
Leah, Ethel, Lewis, Bessie, Effie, Alma & Herbert
washington mary group group2
Washington Judson 1844-1908 MI Mary (McKenney) Judson b.1850 Canada b.1883 MI Children of Mary & Washington Judson
Mable, Homer, Viola, Rose
Children of Mary & Washington Judson
Rose & husband Walter Gilbert, Mable, Ola, Homer & wife Agnes, child Harry Gilbert
Primrose Judson 1876-1958 MI m. Walter Joshua Gilbert 1871-1955 MI. Picture taken abt. 1950
For more info on above lines see descendant Walter Gilbert's web page

3 Judson Girls

Contributed by Laurie Colebank, a photo of Florance Belle (Judson) MacDonald, Dora May (Judson) Michel, and Stella Maria Judson, daughters of Hamilton Harris Judson (son of Roswell) and Lucy A. (Parker) Judson of Farmington, MN

John B. Judson

John Baldwin Judson (1759-1829) s/o Elihu & Sarah Baldwin

3 Judson Girls

Contributed by Don Hall, a photo of Alice Mae Judson d/o Leonard and Margaret (Matheny); Alice Mae m. Josiah Towle.

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