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The Judsons of Canada

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The Judsons have resided in Canada since before 1800. There are two versions as to how they arrived in Canada. Both versions start with three brothers in England.

Version 1 has them immigrating to Nova Scotia in 1825. George and Jacob moved to Prince Edward Island and William (my g.g.grandfather) remained in Nova Scotia.

Version 2 has them as members of a British regiment defeated at Yorktown. Instead of removing the regiment to England, members were given land grants in Canada. Hence the foundation of the Judsons in Nova Scotia.

There is also a family of Judsons in the Ottawa Valley, very prominent in judical and academic circles. I believe that they were UEL. There is also some hint that the family may have orginated in Buckinghamshire.

Al Judson at

Irwin Judson at has submitted the Judson family tree as contained in A Second History of Alexandra - Two Hundred Years.

The first version of the community history was published in 1964. His father and mother, Bruce Forsyth Judson and Helen Margaret [Jenkins] Judson, were the principal compilers of the Judson section, and of the history as a whole. A new version was published in 1992 (bicentennial of the first families to settle). Irwin and his wife were two of the principal workers. He has retyped the updated Judson section and that is what is included on the Web. We hope you find the material interesting, useful and accurate. Please feel free to correspond with Irwin should you find a connection or have any additions.

Patrick L. Burke also has Canadian Judson ancestry and descends from William Judson/Jetson (Sr., 1754 - d. 1845) of Prince Edward Island (PEI). According to a secondary source, "An Island Refuge" by Oslo Jones and Doris Haslan (Eds., 1983) the PEI Loyalist immigrant William Judson descended from the Judson family of Manchester, England, Concord, MA, and Stafford, CT and according to 'The History of Leeds and Grenville' by Thade W.H. Leavitt, pub 1879, the Judsons emigrated from Manchester, England, 1634 and settled at Concord, MA. In 1639 William Judson moved to Stafford, CT where it is believed he died. He had three sons and from this family sprang all the Judsons of America". This is clearly a pretty broad and apparently unsubstantiated statement, but perhaps it is true. Whatever the case, there are obviously a few generations between the Judsons of 1639 in Stafford, CT and my William Judson of PEI, Canada, if, in fact, William descends from the CT group.

Len Judson has Canadian Judson ancestry and descends from Wilfrid and Norah Judson who arrived in Canada with three children Norah, Wilfred and Elizabeth Jane. My grandfather served in WWI in the English army and served in WWII with the RCAF. In Canada, they had three more children, Derrick, Alvin, and James, my father.

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The Judsons of South Africa ... by way of Australia

False Dawn, the story of Dan Judson, Pioneer by Hylda M. Richards (based on diaries of Dan and Maynie Judson), published Books of Rhodesia 1974, can be obtained by interlibrary loan if your library does not have it. A short descendancy chart follows.

Dan Judson ... b.8-9-1864 Melrose, S. Australia; moved to Cape Town, South Africa ca 1874; d.11-20-1942 at age 78. Dan m.Oct 1892 Wilhelmina (Maynie) Freestone Eckhard b.4-25-1875 of Sydney Villa, Sea Point, Cape Town at Wesleyan Church, Cape Town; she d.1962 at age 87.
Grenadilla (Mazoe) Cleopatra Judson ... b.2-10-1896 m.1921 Douglas Bovell. No children.
Daniel (Pat) Sievewright Judson ... b.3-16-1898; d.11-22-1931 in a plane crash. He was called Pat because he was born on the eve of St. Patrick's Day.

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The Judsons of New Zealand

Victor Paul is a Judson descendant in Christchurch, New Zealand. There are hundreds of Judsons there that are descended from a JUDSON couple (and some close relatives) that migrated from Eastwell, Leicestershire, England in 1859-60. Some skeletal details below, marginally more on my home page and email him if you want more!

Descendants of: John Judson, d. 11-Apr-1739, of Leicestershire, England (Leicestershire locations include Eastwell, Strathern, Waltham, Plungar) m. Elizabeth b.1685

John Judson ... b.28-Mar-1714.

Thomas Judson ... bapt. 10-Mar-1717 m. Mary at Plungar, Lei.
Thomas Judson ... bapt. 04-Dec-1761 m. 15-Dec-1799 Ann at Plungar, Lei.
James Judson ... b. b. 10-Dec-1799 at Plungar, Lei. d. 15-Jun-1873 m. 05-Mar-1821 Elizabeth COX at Eastwell, Lei.

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The Judsons of Australia

Andrew William Judson is a Judson descendant in Australia. Descendants of: William Judson, b. England, moved to India with army.

Francis Edward Judson ... b.1907 Gorakhpur, India, d.1978, m. Henrietta Palmer and was a stockman/farmer.
Geoffrey James Judson ... b.1942 Golburn, NSW, Australia m. Roslyn Ianthe Matthews and was a biochemist.
Andrew William Judson ... living in Australia.
David Edward Judson ... living in Australia.
Benjamin Robert Judson ... living in Australia.
Adrian Edward Judson ... b.1943.

Descendants of: Harry Judson, brother of above William.

William Judson ... He moved to the USA and was a famous dancer who danced with Anna Pavlova who began her dance career at the Russian Imperial Theatrical School at the age of 10. Pavlova brought the art of ballet to the U.S. early 20th century.

TASP Family Name Other Names Date Of Birth 
198850 JUDSON ADA MAY 1866 
Date of Birth : 1866 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia [c] 
Date of Marriage : Unknown - 
Date of Death : Unknown - 
Date of Birth : 1857 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia [c] 
Date of Marriage : Unknown - 
Date of Death : Unknown - 
198851 JUDSON CLARA ANNE 1860 
Date of Birth : 1860 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia [c] 
Date of Marriage : Unknown - 
Date of Death : Unknown - 
198850 JUDSON ADA MAY 1866 
Date of Birth : Unknown - 
Date of Marriage : 1857 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia ( to ANN MARIA FARQUHAR ) [@] 
Date of Death : Unknown - 

203366 JUDSON ANNA MARIA 1840 
Date of Birth : 1840 - TASMANIA [@] 
Date of Marriage : Unknown - 
Date of Death : 1889 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia [LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia] 

Date of Birth : Unknown - 
Date of Marriage : 1878 - HOBART,Tasmania, Australia ( to JAMES PECK ) [@] 
Date of Death : Unknown - 

Date of Birth : Unknown - 
Date of Marriage : 1882 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia ( to WILLIAM HILL ) [f] 
Date of Death : Unknown - 
201511 JUDSON DANIEL 1802 
Date of Birth : 1802 - [@] 
Date of Marriage : Unknown - 
Date of Death : 1881 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia [LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia] 

Date of Birth : 1842 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia [c] 
Date of Marriage : Unknown - 
Date of Death : Unknown - 
Date of Birth : Unknown - 
Date of Marriage : 1837 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia ( to CECILIA HART ) [@] 
Date of Death : Unknown - 

Date of Birth : 1815 - ENGLAND [@] 
Date of Marriage : 1840 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia ( to JAMES AIKINHEAD ) [@] 
Date of Death : 1890 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia [LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia] 

Date of Birth : Unknown - 
Date of Marriage : 1859 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia ( to JOSEPH FREDERICK WALKER ) [f] 
Date of Death : Unknown - 

Date of Birth : Unknown - 
Date of Marriage : 1877 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania, Australia ( to ELIZABETH TURNER ) [e] 
Date of Death : Unknown - 

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The Judsons of Malaysia & India

John Paul Evangel Judson is a Judson descendant in Malaysia. Descendants of Paul Devadason Judson, Pastor & Evangelist, Suvisheshapuram, Tirunelveli, South India m. Rajammal Judson.

Abel Crown Judson ... b.1922 m. Lydia John 1944
Bonnie Leila Jemimah Rajakumari ... b.1946 m.1966 M.S.B.Christopher
Darnie Christopher ...
Popsie Christopher ...
Johnnie Paul Evangel Judson ... b.1958 m.1982 Grace Mallika John
Purnima Daisy Lydia Judson ...
Puneeta Ruth Gloria Judson ...
Priscilla Olive Cynthia Judson ...

Brainard Samuel Judson ...

Christopher Jabez Judson ...

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