Joseph JUDSON, Lt was born about 1619 in Kirby, Moorside, Yorkshire, England, died on 9 Oct 1690 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT, and was buried in Stratford, CT at Congregational Burying Place.

Joseph was 15 when his father came to New England. He lived with him at Concord, MA then moved to Stratford, CT. He was married to Sarah PORTER (daughter of John PORTER and Anna (Rosanna) WHITE) on 24 Oct 1644 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Sarah PORTER was born on 15 Mar 1624 in Felsted, Essex, England, died on 16 Mar 1696 in Woodbury, Litchfield Co., CT, and was buried in Stratford, CT at Congregational Burying Place.

To learn more about Joseph & Sarah's children and descendants, see below.

- Third Generation
- Fourth Generation

Joseph JUDSON, Lt and Sarah PORTER children:

- Sarah JUDSON b.1645 in Stratford,CT and d.1688 in Southampton, NY. She m. Edmund HOWELL 1664 in Stratford. Edmund was b.1635 and d.1706. Edmund was from Southampton, Long Island, NY, sold the homestead in 1698, and moved to Cape May, NJ. The marriage to Sarah was his second. Sarah JUDSON and Edmund HOWELL had the following children:

- Elizabeth HOWELL, 1669-
- Sarah HOWELL, 1685-
- Edmund HOWELL

- John JUDSON b.1647 in Stratford, CT and d.1709 in Woodbury, CT. He was a Founding Father of Woodbury in 1672 and was one of the original signers of the "Fundmental Articles" for the settlement of Woodbury in 1672. Woodbury was first known as Pomperaug Plantation. He m. Elizabeth CHAPMAN (1st wife) (daughter of John CHAPMAN and Martha LAWRENCE) 1674 in Stratford, CT. Elizabeth CHAPMAN was b.1651 in Stratford, CT and died in 1696. She was from Fairfield, CT. They had the following children:
- Grace JUDSON, abt 1673-
- John JUDSON, Sgt., 1675/76-1722 m.1698 Sarah Beers
- Joshua JUDSON, 1677/78-1735 m.1 1712 Mary Nichols m.2 Deborah Clark
- Joseph JUDSON, Lt., 1679-1758 m.1706 Mary Walker
- Chapman JUDSON, 1681-1700
- Johnathan JUDSON, 1684-1721 m.1711 Mary Mitchell
- Ephraim JUDSON
- Martha JUDSON, 1686-1754 m.1705 William Preston
- Eliphalet JUDSON, 1688-aft 1737
- Ephriam JUDSON, 1695-1782 m.1 1717 Rebecca Beardsley m.2 1756 Abigail Law

John was married to Hannah HOWKINS (2nd wife) (daughter of Anthony HOWKINS and Anne WELLES) in 1695. Hannah HOWKINS was b.abt 1661 in Farmington, CT and d.1698 in Woodbury, CT. Hannah was the widow of Samuel Ward and previously of Jonathan Nichols.

John was married to Mary TUDOR (1660 Woodbury-1743) (3rd wife) (daughter of Owen TUDOR and Mary LOOMIS) 1699. John and Mary had the following children:
- Isaac B. JUDSON, 1700-1789 m.1 1727 Elizabeth Hawley m.2 1731 Rebecca Sherman
- Daniel JUDSON, 1701-1766 m. Abigail Warner
- Mary JUDSON, 1703- m.1727 Josiah Curtis Jr.
- Jeremiah JUDSON, 1705-1787 m.1733 Abigail Elmer

- James JUDSON, Capt. was b.1650 in Stratford, CT and d.1720/21 in Stratford. He was married to Rebecca (Rebekah) WELLES (1st wife) (daughter of Thomas WELLES and Widow Hannah TUTTLE PANTRY) 1680 in Stratford. Rebecca was b.1655 in Wethersfield, CT and d.1717 in Stratford. She was the granddaughter of Governor Thomas Wells of CT. They had the following children:
- Hannah JUDSON, 1681-1756 m.1702 James Lewis
- Elizabeth JUDSON, 1681-
- Sarah JUDSON, 1682- m.1708 Nathaniel Chauncey
- Rebecca JUDSON, 1684-1697
- William JUDSON, 1685-
- Joseph JUDSON, Capt, 1686-1755 m.1 1708 Hannah Hawley m.2 1734 Esther Curtiss (unsolved yet: Hannah d.1739 but he m. Esther 1734)
- James JUDSON, 1689-1744 m.1712 Martha Lewis
- Phebe JUDSON, 1691-1753 m.1714 Joseph Lewis
- David JUDSON, Capt, 1693-1761 m.1713 Phebe Stiles

He was married to Anne WELLES (2nd wife) (daughter of Capt. Samuel WELLES and Elizabeth HOLLISTER) 1718 in Stratford, CT. Anne WELLES was b.abt 1668 and d.1739 in Wethersfield, CT. She was the widow of Capt. James Steele. There were no known children of James and Anne.

- Grace JUDSON b.1651 in Stratford, CT and d.1724 in Milford, CT. She was m. to Samuel PRUDDEN (1st husband) (son of Rev. Peter PRUDDEN and Joanna BOYSE) 1669 in Stratford, CT. Samuel PRUDDEN was born in Milford, CT and d.1685. They had the following children:
- Peter PRUDDEN, 1671-1705
- Samuel PRUDDEN, Jr., 1673-1742 m.1705 Hannah Clark (note: Samuel & Hannah were half-siblings having the same mother)
- Joanna PRUDDEN, 1676-1740 m. James Fenn
- John PRUDDEN, 1680-
- Mary PRUDDEN, 1681-

She had a child with Thomas CLARK (2nd husband - have not found marriage proof) (son of Deacon George CLARK and Sarah) in Stratford, CT. Thomas CLARK was b.1638 in Boston, MA and d.1719 in Milford, CT. Thomas m.? Grace after the death of his first wife, Hannah Gibbard. Grace JUDSON and Thomas CLARK had the following children:
- Hannah CLARK, 1679/80-1752 m.1705 Samuel Prudden Jr. (note: Samuel & Hannah were half-siblings having the same mother)

- Joseph JUDSON was b.1654 in Stratford, CT and d.1677/78 in Stratford, CT. Joseph JUDSON had the following children:
- James JUDSON
- Sarah JUDSON
- Sarah JUDSON
- Hannah JUDSON
- Abigail JUDSON

- Hannah JUDSON was b.1657 in Stratford, CT and d.1732 in Farmington, CT. She m. Samuel WADSWORTH 1689. Samuel WADSWORTH was b.1660 in Farmington, CT and d.1731 in Farmington/Stratford, CT. Hannah JUDSON and Samuel WADSWORTH had the following children:
- Hannah WADSWORTH, abt 1693-
- Sarah WADSWORTH, 1695-
- Samuel WADSWORTH, 1698-

- Esther JUDSON was b.1660 in Stratford, CT and d.1713. She m. Benjamin CURTIS (son of John CURTIS and Elizabeth WELLES) 1680/81 in Stratford, CT. Benjamin CURTIS was b.1652 in Stratford, CT and d.1733 in Stratford CT. Esther JUDSON and Benjamin CURTIS had the following children:
- John CURTIS, 1681-1745 m.1 1706 Margaret Pickett m.2 1715 Hannah Johnson m.3 aft 1734 Rebecca Blackleach Rumsey
- David CURTIS, 1682-1760 m.1719 Dinah Weakley
- Ruth CURTIS, 1683-1721 m.1705 John Thompson
- Martha CURTIS, 1685-bef 1733 m.1708 Benjamin Beach
- James CURTIS, 1686-1765 m. Hannah Coe
- Phebe CURTIS, 1687- m.1711 Ephraim Hawley
- Dinah CURTIS, 1689- m.1718 Nathan Beardsley
- Anna CURTIS, 1690-1733
- Hester CURTIS, 1691-1701
- Hester CURTIS, 1706-1775 m.1 1724 Daniel Beach m.2 1747 Ebenezer Hickok

Benjamin married Bathsheba Tomlinson after the death of Esther Judson.

- Joshua JUDSON (Ruth's twin) b.1664 Stratford, Fairfield Co, CT. Joshua died young.

- Ruth JUDSON (Joshua's twin) was b.1664 in Stratford, CT and d.1744 in Hartford, CT. She m. Samuel WELLES (son of Capt. Samuel WELLES and Elizabeth HOLLISTER) about 1688. Samuel WELLES was b.1660 in Wethersfield, CT. His birth date has also been listed as 10/1662. He d.1733. Ruth JUDSON and Samuel WELLES had the following children:
- Hannah WELLES, 1690- m.1 __Buell m.2 1712 Nathaniel Curtis
- Capt. Samuel WELLES, 1693-1760 m.1722 Esther Ellsworth
- Ruth WELLES, 1696- m. Daniel Ely
- Sarah WELLES, 1700- m. John Clark
- Rebecca WELLES, 1703-1725 m.1723 Thomas Pitkin
- James WELLES, 1706-1725

- Phebe JUDSON b.1666 Stratford, Fairfield Co, CT m.1725 Thomas UFFOOT.

- Abigail JUDSON was b.1669 in Stratford, CT and d.1697 in Stratford, CT. She m. Josiah CURTIS (son of William Dawson CURTIS and Mary) 1692 in Stratford, CT. Josiah CURTIS was b.1662 in Stratford, CT and d.1745. Abigail JUDSON and Josiah CURTIS had the following children:
- William CURTISS, 1693-1767 m.1725/26 Prudence Judson (d/o Samuel Judson & Mary Bostwick)
- Abigail CURTIS, 1695-1733 m.1716 Hezekiah Hooker
- Sarah CURTIS, abt 1695- m.1713 John Wilcoxson
- Anna CURTIS, 1697-1733