Judsons Who Served In The Civil War

It should also be noted that sometimes what you read was not necessarily so. During the confusion of war, people sometimes were lost or unaccounted for ... sometimes they ended up with another company until they could join their own, sometimes they had been killed in action or taken prisoner. Should you see des ... they may indeed have deserted or just been lost for awhile and the records not updated. Par (paroled) may be just for record keeping after they were found, and sometimes you will see them mustered out after they had long since been deceased.

Those entries where there is a pg #, were copied from information I found on September 28, 1996 at the Dallas Library from Microfilm CT 0982124 Record of Connecticut Men in the War of Rebellion 1861-1865, although additional known info may have been added to that entry.

Some abbreviations I use: ap=appointed; art=artillery; Bat=Batallion; Cal=Calvary; Co=Company; C.V.=CT Volunteers; des=deserted; dis=disability; disc=discharged; en=enlisted; furl'd=furloughed; esc=escaped; hvy=heavy; inf=infantry; mus'd=mustered; par=paroled; pro=promoted; R=regiment; re-en Vet=re-enlisted Veteran; rel=released; tm ex=term expired; VRC=Veteran Reserve Corps; w'd=wounded

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A-L Judsons In The Civil War - Union

First Name Page Regiment Residence Enlisted Mus'd In Mus'd Out Comments
A.M., 1st Lt E Co Erie Reg PA 4-21-61 Erie PA 7-21-61
Albert, Capt G Co 171st Inf Reg PA 11-2-62 Harrisburg PA 8-8-63
Albert, Pvt I Co 168th Inf Reg NY Newburgh NY 12-5-62 age 22 Newburgh NY 10-31-63
Albert, Pvt M Co 2nd Vet Cal Reg NY NYC, NY 11-23-63 age 23 Talladega AL 11-8-65
Albert A 721 21R Inf Co F New Haven CT 8-23-62 10-18-62 7-27-63
Albert A., Pvt A Co 21st Inf Reg Hartford CT 8-7-62 6-16-65
Alfred M., Pvt trans 130th Inf Reg Galesburg IL 2-27-64
Amos M., 1st Lt E Co 83rd Inf Reg PA 8-26-61 disc 9-26-64 prom full capt 6-27-62; prom full maj 3-7-65; prom Brevet Lt Col 3-13-65
Andrew, Pvt trans 4th LA Reg RA PA 11-1-61 age 25
Andrew, Pvt M Co 13th Hvy Art Reg NY Buffalo NY 9-30-64 age 19 Norfolk VA 6-28-65
Benjamin F., Capt 77th Foot Vol Co C NY Saratoga Springs NY 9-24-61 age 34 disc 4-1-62
Billa M., Pvt C Co 100th Inf Reg NY Buffalo NY 8-5-62 age 21 Richmond VA 6-2-65
Burt, Pvt D Co. 4 Cal Reg Detroit MI 8-8-62 Detroit MI age 18 Nashville TN 7-1-65
C.H. D Co Erie Reg PA 4-21-61 Erie PA 7-21-61
Calvin, Pvt C Co 56th Inf Reg NY Montgomery NY 9-17-61 age 24 10-24-64 prom full corpl 7-1-63
Cardwell B., Pvt F Co 1st Vet Cal Reg NY Horseheads NY 8-22-64 age 18 Camp Piatt WV 6-8-65
Charles, Pvt 36th Inf Reg Co. E Wapello Co., IA 8-22-62 age 18 died disease 6-28-63 Helena AR bur: Nat Cem Helena AR
Charles, Pvt 129 1R C.V. Hvy Art Co B Southington CT 9-1-63 9-1-63 deserted 4-19-64
Charles 852 28R Inf Co D New Milford CT 9-2-62 11-15-62 d. 8-10-63
Charles, Pvt E Co 176th Inf Reg OH 9-3-64 Nashville TN 6-14-65
Charles, Pvt substitute U Co 51st Inf Reg IL 12-22-64
Charles, Pvt K Co 53rd Inf Reg NY NYC NY 10-30-61 age 20 des abt 11-30-61
Charles E., Pvt H Co. 1st SS Reg Three Rivers MI 9-2-63 Three Rivers MI age 16 Delaney House DC 7-28-65
Charles E., Pvt E Co 107th Inf Reg Indianapolis IN 7-9-63 Indianapolis IN 7-18-63
Charles H., Sgt A Co 98th Inf Reg NY Malone NY 10-21-61 age 21 disc 8-18-62
Charles H., Pvt G Co 80th Inf Reg NY Utica NY 8-15-64 age 40 Portsmouth VA 1-29-66
Charles J., Pvt 770 23R Inf Co I Fairfield CT 9-10-62 11-14-62 8-31-63 substitute & drafted
Charles O., Pvt A Co 92nd Inf Reg Winslow IL 8-11-62 dis 5-26-63
Charles O., Adjutant S Co 6th Cal Reg Fort Scott KS 9/10/62 3/7/65 Ft. Leavenworth KS
Charles O., Capt. Co F 6th Cal Reg Fort Scott KS 9/18/63 7/18/65 DeVall's Bluff ARK trans 3-18-65 Co F to Co A
Charles O., Capt. Co. F Fort Scott KS 9/18/1863 new Co.A 3/18/1865
Charles P., Pvt 764 23R Inf Co D Huntington CT 8-29-62 11-14-62 8-31-63
Charles S. 597 15R Inf Co C New Haven CT 7-13-62 8-25-62 disc 8-24-65 trans to 32nd Co 2nd bat V.R.C. 9-26-63
Chester, Pvt 124th NY Co. H NY Walden NY 8-14-62 at 18 killed at Petersburg VA 9-14-64 while on picket prom full corpl; bur: Petersburg VA at Poplar Grove Nat Cem Div D, Sec B, No 7
Cyrus, Pvt G Co. 25th Inf Reg Lockport MI 8-6-62 Lockport MI age 47 dis Bowling Green KY 1-30-63
Daniel, Pvt C Co 161st Inf Reg NY Elmira NY 8-20-62 age 28 dis Elmira NY 7-26-65 prom full corpl 1-15-64
Daniel S., Pvt C Co 7th Inf Reg OH 4-25-61 age 21 6-20-61
Daniel S., Pvt B Co 7th Inf Reg OH 6-20-61 age 21 d. wounds POW at Rebel Prison Hos abt 7-1-62
David, Pvt A Co 14th Hvy Art Reg NY Ogdensburgh NY 8-20-63 age 39 died disease Ft Richmond NY 1-22-64
David Bingham, Brig-Gen IND b.1831 Massena NY, d.1909
David, Lt 14th NY Co. A NY d.3/5/64 bur: Dept of the East, NY
DeJay, Pvt I Co 26th Inf Reg NY Utica NY 5-13-61 age 22 Utica NY 5-28-63
DeJay, Pvt Batty F Co 3 LA Reg NY Augusta NY 3-28-64 age 25 Syracuse NY 7-24-65 prom full corpl 3-11-65
DeWitt, Pvt trans 72nd IL Reg; trans 33rd Inf Reg Chicago IL 10-7-64
Edward H., Pvt G Co 6th Inf Reg MN 8-12-62 age 23 dis 10-30-64 prom full corpl
Edward L., Pvt 251 5R Inf Co I Hartford CT 9-15-62 9-15-62 d.8-1-63 (bur: Arlington Nat Cem, VA #59 Row 6 Sec E Block 2; removed from Mrs. Beale's land near Mt Holly Church) pro full corpl 3-1-63
Edward, Z.C., Pvt NY Mt. Pleasant NY 9-25-62 age 27 prom full sgt 10-24-62; prom full pvt (reduced to ranks) 2-12-63; trans A Co 22nd Reg RC
Edwin, Pvt 306 7R Inf Co D Danbury CT 8-24-61 9-5-61 d.3-21-64 at home bur Dept of the East, NY or Wooster, CT
Eli W., Pvt F Co 12th Inf Reg IA 10-26-61 rejected 10-26-61
Elisha, Jr., Pvt A Co 153rd Inf Reg NY Johnstown NY 8-29-62 age 21 dis at Philadelphia PA 1-26-63
Elisha B., Pvt H Co 22nd Inf Reg Jefferson, IA 8-14-62 age 25 Savannah GA 7-25-65 prom full 8th corpl 7-6-64; prom full 2nd corpl abt 12-15-64; prom full 5th sgt 5-1-66
Enoch E., Pvt B Co 2nd Cal Reg OH 8-12-61 age 22 dis 6-20-62
Enoch E., Pvt M Co 2nd Hvy Art Reg OH 8-10-63 age 24 Nashville TN 8-23-65
Francis H., Pvt L Co 13th Cal Reg OH 2-24-65 age 18 Amelia Court House VA 7-4-65
Frank, Pvt U Co. 3rd Cal Reg MA 7-15-64, age 20 des 9-30-64 worked as clerk in MA
Franklin, Pvt E Co 17th Inf Reg Galesburg IL 5-25-61 AWOL
Franklin M., Pvt K Co 116th Inf Reg NY Brandt NY 8-27-62 age 21 died wounds at Plain Shore LA 5-22-63 prom full corpl
Frederick N., Pvt 481 12R Inf Co C Stratford CT 1/13/62 1/15/62 killed 10-27-62 Georgia Landing, LA
George, Pvt G Co. 1st Eng Reg MI 8-26-64 Jackson MI age 20 Washington DC 6-6-65
George, Pvt F Co 55th Inf Reg PA des 6-28-64
George, Pvt G Co 11th Inf Reg NY NYC, NY 4-7-62 NYC, NY 6-2-62 trans 4-12-62 Co G to Co I
George, Pvt H Co 179th Inf Reg NY Friendship NY 9-6-64 age 31 des Williamsport PA 9-14-64
George E., Pvt 205 2R C.V. Hvy Art Co I Southbury CT 8-15-62 9-11-62 w'd 10-19-64 Cedar Creek, VA; d.10-23-64 prom full corpl 7-16-63, full sgt 2-13-64
George I., Corpl 840 27R Inf Co H New Haven CT 9-10-62 10-22-62 7-27-63* killed 12-13-62 Fredericksburg VA (par 5-14-63)
George W., Pvt D Co. 1st Eng Reg MI 12-22-63 Grand Rapids MI age 17 Nashville TN 9-22-65
George W., Pvt U Co 71st Inf Reg NY NYC, NY 8-10-62 age 21
Grandason, Pvt trans F Co 9th Regt Reg RC NY Walden NY 8-14-62 age 30 Washington DC 6-26-65
H.G., Pvt K Co 2nd Inf Reg IA rejected 5-20-61
Harlow E., Pvt I Co 8th Inf Reg Monroe Co., IA 8-10-61 age 18 Selma AL 4-20-66 prom full corpl 10-1-64
Henry, Pvt 16 1R Inf Co H Bridgeport CT 4-20-61 4-23-61 cap'd 7-21-61 Bull Run VA, rel 5-29-62, disc 7-10-62
Henry, Pvt A Co 13th Cal Reg IL 12-31-64
Henry, Corpl I Co 8th Inf Reg Cuba IA 8-10-61 age 22 dis at Shiloh TN 4-29-62
Henry C., Pvt B Co 13th Cal Reg Monmouth IL 12-21-61 des/trans 2-20-62 Co B to Co D prom full corpl
Henry H., Pvt M Co 15th Hvy Art Reg NY Albany NY 1-28-64 age 21 dis at Philadelphia PA 12-12-64 dis at Turner Lane Hos.
Herman W., Pvt E Co 146th Inf Reg NY Utica NY 9-10-64 age 37 Alexandria VA 6-3-65
Hiram A., Pvt B Co 44th Inf Reg NY Albany NY 8-19-61 age 21 killed at Malvern Hill VA 7-1-62
Hiram C., Pvt E Co 13th Hvy Art Reg NY Oppenheim NY 1-4-64 age 31 Norfolk VA 7-18-65
Horace, Pvt trans signal corps Reg RA OH 6-5-61 age 20
Horace, Sgt A Co 75th Inf Reg Dixon IL 8-6-62 Nashville TN 6-12-65 prom full pvt (reduced to ranks)
Horace H. IA 22 Inf D Albia IA 8-1-62 age 23 Savannah GA 7-25-65 prom full 3rd corpl 3-13-63; prom full 2nd corpl 8-1-63; prom full corpl 12-22-63; bur Cuba, Monroe Co. IA
Hosea T., Pvt, age 29 M Co 1st Hvy Art Reg MN 2-29-64 age 29 2-16-65 9-27-65
Isaac Burton IA 4 Ind Art Batt Monroe Co., IA 8-20-63 age 18 Davenport IA 7-14-65 born 1844, bur. Cuba, Monroe Co IA, wife Mathilda E.
Isaac D.,Pvt E Co. 12th Inf. Reg Haverhill MA 6-25-61 age 25 Killed at Antietam, MD 9-17-62 worked as stonemaker in MA
Ithamar, Pvt K Co 185th Inf Reg OH 1-30-65 age 28 Lexington KY 9-26-65
James, Pvt E Co 60th Inf Reg OH 3-31-64 age 41
James, Pvt C Co 132nd Inf Reg Aurora IL 5-15-64 absent - not mus'd in
James, Pvt E Co 20th Inf Reg Indianapolis IN 1-20-65 Louisville KY 7-12-65
James H., Corpl D Co 142nd Inf Reg Polo IL 5-9-64 10-26-64
James H., Pvt H Co 70th Inf Reg Martinsville IN 7-29-62 Washington DC 6-8-65
James R., Pvt D Co 11th Inf Reg OH 6-20-61 age 26 dis Camp Denison OH 7-16-61
Jerome B., Pvt K Co 89th Inf Reg Oxford IL 12-4-63 dis Chattanooga TN 1-18-64
Jerome D., Pvt 89th IL Infantry Co. G IL d.1/21/65 bur: Chattanooga Nat Cem; Sec D, Grave 12095
John, Pvt 8th Inf Reg Co. I Albia IA 8-10-61 age 22 died disease at St Louis MO 11-20-61 in hospital of chronic diarrhoea bur: Nat Cem Jefferson Barracks, MO Sec 38, Grave 186
John, Pvt C Co 56th Inf Reg NY Montgomery NY 7-29-61 age 20 Charleston SC 10-17-65 prom full corpl 9-10-64; prom full sgt 5-20-65
John, Pvt H Co 70th Inf Reg Martinsville IN 8-6-62
John, Pvt. C Co 117th Inf Reg Morgan Co., IN 8-11-63 Indianapolis IN 2-25-64
John, Pvt F Co 148th Inf Reg Morgan Co., IN 2-14-65 9-5-65 prom full corpl
John H., Pvt A Co 124th Inf Reg NY Goshen NY 8-11-62 age 18 killed at Chancellorsville VA 5-3-63
John H., Pvt C Co 21st Inf Reg NY Buffalo NY 5-9-61 age 22 Buffalo NY 5-18-63
John H. Pvt 33rd LA Reg NY Buffalo NY 3-5-64 age 24 Petersburg VA 6-25-65
John R., Pvt G Co 84th Inf Reg OH 5-28-62 age 19 Camp Delaware OH 9-20-62
John W., Pvt C Co 4th Inf Reg NY Brooklyn NY 5-27-62 age 19 Brooklyn NY 9-1-62
Joseph K. 760 23R Inf Co A Waterbury CT 8-20-62 11-14-62 8-31-63
Joseph S.A., Pvt G Co 78th Inf Reg NY Buffalo NY 1-13-62 age 24 disc. 5-21-63 trans 1-29-63 Co G to Co S; trans 2-24-63 Co S to Co G; prom full qtr mas sgt 1-29-63; prom full 2nd Lt 2-24-63
Joseph W., Pvt K Co 13th Inf Reg Oswego IL 6-28-61 dis for promo 5-21-63
Judson, Musician Band Co 4th Inf Reg Nobleboro ME 6-15-61 1-27-62
Knapp, Pvt D Co 166th Inf Reg OH 5-2-64 age 27 Camp Cleveland OH 9-9-64 also known as Judson Knapp
Leroy T., Corpl E Co 16th Inf Reg Brown Co., IL 5-24-61 7-8-65 prom to full corpl
Lester, Pvt F Co 76th Inf Reg NY New Woodstock NY 10-20-61 age 21 disc wounds at Point Lookout MD 1-18-63
Lewis, Pvt D Co 4th Inf Reg NY NYC, NY 9-17-61 age 35 dis at Alexandria VA 7-7-62 trans 11-1-61 Co D to Co F
Lewis C., Sgt. E Co. 3rd Inf Reg MI 8-22-61 Linden MI age 22
Lucas F. (or L.), Pvt 14th Wis Co. C WIS d.3/16/62 bur: St. Louis MO Sec 37 grave 76
Lucius L., Pvt I Co. 1st Cal Reg Paw Paw MI 9-4-61 Kalamazoo MI age 38 disc. Detroit MI 5-11-66 trans 3-6-84 Co I to Co B; trans 11-17-65 Co B to Co C; prom to full corpl
Lucius O., Pvt C Co. 46th Inf Reg Westfield MA 9-24-62 at 36 Hampden Park, Springfield MA 7-29-63
Lucius S., Pvt C Co 14th Inf Reg Poygan WS 9-8-61 died disease at St Louis MO 3-12-62
Lyman P., Farrier I Co 2nd Cal Reg OH 8-13-61 age 22 dis 9-1-62
Lyman T., Pvt A Co 1st Hvy Art Reg Rome, WS 11-22-62 8-18-65

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