Descendants of William Judson of Connecticut

This long awaited book covers 14 generations, from William Judson who was christened in 1592 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England to the present, here in America. William came to America in 1634 with his 3 sons, lived 4 years at Concord, MA and in 1638 went to Stratford, CT with the Rev. Adam Blakemand and 24 others of the Massachusetts Colony to become the first settlers of Stratford. This book covers his known descendants who can now be found throughout the United States, as well as allied families including major families of Beach, Beardsley, Beebe, Beers, Clark, Curtis/Curtiss, Gillespie, Gowey, Hawley, Hine, Hull, Hurd, Lewis, Minor, Miller, Mitchell, Peck, Perry, Sherman, Sperry, Towle, Walker, Welles/Wells.

The book includes 500+ pages of family information, photos, documents, letters, life style, historic time line, complete index and more and was produced in very limited edition and beautifully hardbound in green leatherette and embossed in gold.

The first printing of this book sold out within several months, so to assure that you obtain your copy(s) of this book, now in its 2nd printing, order your copy at $74.95 now (includes postage). As of June 2014, there are only a few books available.

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Compiled by Linda Jeanne Dolby